Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well would you look at that :)

Soooo, here are two glimpses of the lovely little girl who is currently residing in my stomach! Sorry for the poor quality; I just took pictures with my phone because I don't really have a camera. Yes, I'm pregnant! I'm coming up on week 22, and I already love her to death. It's a connection that I felt immediately upon seeing her heartbeat on the sonogram screen for the first time over three months ago. Though I'm currently trying to decide between parenting and adoption, my feelings towards her will never be broken. The thing is, I'm just not positive that at eighteen, I'm best suited to be her mother. All I want is what's best for her. She deserves a wonderful life, whether or not that life is spent with me.

Regardless, she's pretty darn cute :) Getting this ultrasound done was really entertaining actually. The first thing the technician saw was the baby sticking her tongue out! She kept moving all around, so the lady was having a really tough time getting all of the pictures that she needed. She said it was one of the most active babies she had seen in a long time. (My friends have predicted that she was doing everything from exercising to modeling to moshing.) At first, she said there was no way to tell the baby's sex since its foot was lodged up in its crotch blocking EXACTLY what we wanted to see. That flexible little bugger. However, by the time the doctor came in, the leg had moved slightly, revealing that it's (most likely) a girl!

Oh, and when is this little beauty planning on making her worldwide debut? April Fool's Day!! (No, seriously.) She's a little trickster already :)

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