Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Hello, Mrs. President!!!

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In the spirit of the election and our new first family, I thought Michelle Obama deserved some major kudos for some of her lovely fashion choices throughout her husband's campaign. Though I wasn't that crazy about the dress she wore for Barack's victory speech last night, I've been pretty impressed overall by her choices. Besides from being an inspirational woman in general, I think she dresses pretty well. She's one of those rare women who look comfortable and classy in whatever they're in. You can tell that she knows what works well for her body, so she sticks to those silhouettes without being boring. Ladylike dresses and skirt suits become modern with the use of some great accessories, such as bold necklaces. I really loved the floral Thakoon dress she wore to the Democratic National Convention (second row, second picture from right). Yet she doesn't depend on designer duds all the time, as proof from her ensemble on Jay Leno. I don't know, I just feel that she illustrates everything positive about the position of first lady. She's smart, she's got her own style, and she knows how to speak for herself. She's not one to blend in to the background, and I respect that. Hey, just because her husband has been elected 44th President of the United States doesn't mean he should get all the attention :)

I know it's cliche, but here's a closer look at the correlation between the styles of Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama. Maybe I just have a thing about first lady style; I saw an exhibit of Jackie's clothes at the Corcoran Gallery in, like, 2001 with my stepmom (a Kennedy fanatic) and it was sooo cool.

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