Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check It Out!!!!

Loooook, it's me! On the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly!

I wrote a story a little while back about the first day that I found out I was pregnant. One thing led to another, and my Journalism and Society professor, George Miller (who also writes, takes photos, films videoes, etc. for PW as well as other Philadelphia publications) gave it to the editor of PW, Adamma Ince. She expressed an interest in publishing it, and I got to meet with her earlier this month. Then, it became the cover story!!! I got a friend of mine to do the photography. Her name is Elena Jasic, and she's really very talented. This whole process has been such a wonderful experience. Adamma is an inspiration as someone who's been through a similar situation herself and obviously succeeded.

I'm just so pumped!

Check out the story here :)

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