Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bath Time is the Best Time... or Not?

As mean as this may sound, I absolutley LOVE when Audrey frowns. She's so good at it! Just take a look at that face. I can't make the corners of my mouth curl down like that into a legitimately frown, but she can. Now that's talent.

After this, she started bawling.

Usually Audrey absolutely looooves getting a bath, but tonight, that was just not the case at all. However, today (and the past few days in general) she has been a little extra fussy and needy than usual. I'm sure it's just a phase. She just seems unsettled. Growth spurt perhaps? Or maybe she's just not having a good day. We're all entitled to that every now and then, right?

For some reason, she got unusually fussy during bath time. She always seems to like bath time, so I felt kind of bad for her. She has these little Baby Einstein bath books, and when I read them to her, she gets so excited and arches her back and flails her arms and pushes off her legs. She practically goes under; I have to keep a strong hold on her! She loves reading books it seems. Granted, tonight I was taking pictures of her, so maybe that pissed her off. I know I wouldn't want someone taking pictures of me in the bath tub, especially if I had farted/pooped a little the past two baths. I mean, I always courteously crop out her lady parts. But come on, she just looked so damn cute. She always does, especially when lounging in her little pink bath tub. I can't help it.

Before her umbilical cord fell off, we had to give Audrey sponge baths which she absolutely despised. It must have been so freezing. I would suck to be wiped down with a wash cloth while being completley naked on a countertop while your entire family looks on. It usually went something like this:

Uggh those umbilical cords are pretty nasty looking. I didn't know that babies went home wiht those things until, like, a month or two before I had her. I guess it's one of those things that no one tells you about having a baby. Jeesh, I should make a list of all those things.

Anyway, I must admit, after it fell off (some of it came off on Easter as my Grandma was cuddling with her...awkwaaaard), I stored it in a little Zip-Loc bag. Is that weird? As a mother, I find the need to keep the most ridiculous things (umbilical cord bits) and write down the most random details (the first time Audrey had an explosive poop while getting her diaper changed). It's weird. But so much fun.

However, after her sponge baths, she was always greatly relieved and ended up looking more like this:

Now it's like the opposite. She loooves hanging out in her spa-like bath tub, but she hates getting out, even if she is wrapped and cuddled in a hooded towel. Usually when I get her out of the tub she screams and screams. It's the most crying she does in a day. Other than that, she's usually relatively calm.
This picture is from her first ever "real" bath. I love it because my mom and I made sure to cover her little lady stuff with that rubber duck, but only after the fact did I realize that she covered up her boobs!!! She's so modest. She's got everything covered. It's hilarious.

On the topic of baths, those hooded towels are soo freaking cute. I want a towel like that! I'm not gonna lie, the duck towel (below) totally fit on my head while I was trying to entertain her. I cracked myself up while she more or less looked at me like, "Mom, you're crazy."

I'm sure I'll get that look more and more as the years pass by. And I love it :)


  1. dear god that baby is so adorable! i love the frown! i like when babies look like old people- you know, when they make those wrinkled up faces?
    so good.

  2. i think caitlin should sew you and Audrey matching hooded towels!

    and seriously... I can't get over how cute she is. The modesty picture is so funny. I love the last one though...

  3. oh my goodness! audrey is adorable! what a beautiful little girl. she does look awfully cute when she frowns. when my little (10 years younger) sister was a baby, we used to scare her just to get her to make her scared was sooo cute. gosh, i was kind of a mean sister!