Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Week

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I got to update this thing! It has just been sooo busy lately considering it was my first week back at work, my mom has been sick and in and out of the hospital getting different procedures done, and Audrey has had a tough week. Well, I don't know, she's just been a little extra fussy some days and for some reason she basically refuses to sleep in her bassinet. The other night she slept in her little bouncy chair for 7 hours overnight, which was great, but odd. Wow, and I woke up when she was crying a little in the morning and I groggily looked in her bassinet because I forgot that she was on the other side of my bed in her chair. I FREAKED out and thought, "OH MY GOD SHE FELL OUT! WHERE IS SHE?!" which doesn't make any sense considering the girl can't even roll over yet. How the hell was she going to climb out of her bassinet. Butttt then I saw her in her chair and was flooded with relief. It is times like these that have slowly made me understand why my own mom is such a worrywart. She always said, "Just wait till you're a parent; then you'll understand." Man, she was right.

Besides that night of solid sleep, she has been up a few times each night. Not that I can complain. For being less than 3 months old and being breastfed, she sleeps really well. And she has never had a problem sleeping in her bassinet before. I'm hoping that she's just getting like uncomfortable in it since she's getting bigger and there isn't much of a mattress, but I get nervouse since I'm about to spend a few hundred bucks on a crib that I obviously want her to use. She's either ended up in her bouncy chair or in my bed the past few nights, and I don't want her to get used to that, but with work and everything else, we've NEEDED the sleep. I've tried to put her down. I've tried to let her cry for a few minutes. I've tried to give her the pacifier while she lays there and reassure her. I've tried to play music. I've tried making sure she is fast asleep before I put her down. But each and every time, she ends up waking up or else insisting on getting up. She keeps startling herself. I just feel bad, and it's hard when you can't tell what's wrong because she can't tell you what's wrong.

Hopefully it'll just be a phase that will pass as quickly as it started.

[pictures by Caitlin Weigel]

Other than that, we did meet up with some friends, Jimmy and Caitlin at Neato Burrito this week which was lots of fun. Audrey slept the whole time :) Other than that, we went out to breakfast with Spencer at Juice and Java before taking him to work on Wednesday. Yeah, she slept that time, too. Oh, and today we went out to lunch with my dad and stepmom and she also slept then! I mean, when I talk about all that, it seems like all she does is sleep, but I promise, it's not. She's been "chatting" a lot more lately too, which is SO much fun. I feel like we're having conversations, and I think she thinks we are, too.

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  1. omg... these pictures are adorable.

    if u need anything jen... i can help out!
    and im sure cait would jump on that too!

    for real though... need me to run any errands or cook, or anything to help out, just txt me. =]