Monday, June 8, 2009

Somebody's got a case of the Mondayyyyssss

Today my mom, Audrey and I dropped off our sheltie Dia at the groomers, had a lovely lunch at a little bakery nearby, and did some crib shopping--or I guess it was more of investigating than shopping--at Target. I never knew there were so many different shades of wood. There's cherry, espresso, cognac, oak, honey, black, white...the list goes on and on. Audrey slept most of the time. Well first of all, she slept all night until about 6 AM, ate, and fell back asleep until about 11 AM. Then, as usual, she fell asleep once we got in the car and stayed asleep for a majority of our running around. Lazzzyyy bum. She did momentarily wake up at Target when some obnoxious girl felt the need to walk over and answer her phone rather loudly RIGHT next to Audrey's stroller. Her eye's shot open, she looked around like "Where the hell am I?" and she fell back asleep.

I love taking goofy pictures of her while she's asleep. Ok, acutally I love taking pictures of her in general. Butttt, here's some funny sleeping pictures. Actually, these can be categorized even further as sleeping pictures that include a pacifier. God, I'm pathetic.

It's funny how the pacifier always ends up falling out of her mouth. Sometimes it just gradually makes its way out of her mouth and on to her chest and other times it comes shooting out pretty forcefully.

However, she did more than simply sleep the day away (well, kind of). My boyfriend (aka "Dad") came by to hang out for a while today. It's so cute to watch her stare him down, and I love watching him interact with her, too. There's obviously a lot of love there :) He cracks me up, though. Spencer has accumulated a good deal of tattoos (which I have no problem with, by the way; in fact, I quite like them), and I remember he asked me, "What's Audrey going to think of her father having all these tattoos?" I told him she wouldn't know any different because he's the only father she'll ever have haha. Plus, she'll probably wonder why Dad's skin is so much cooler and more colorful than Mom's skin.I love that picture for some reason. I just love how she's lounging on him. A friend of mine tie-dyed Audrey 5 onesies, and I have to say, I think that's one of the cutest, most creative gifts I've gotten. So cute and comfy.


  1. Awww.... sounds like you guys had a wonderful day. And for some reason I totally agree with what you're saying. I always find myself starring at fathers who are interacting with their kids and have to look away before they notice. I just really like watching them... not in a creepy way, I guess I'm just kinda jealous of the dads...

  2. oh dear god. she is beautiful! i vote for cherry wood. and i agree with jimmy- young dads are the coolest to watch. however, if you're doing it fairly openly at chocolate world, while working, like i often do, you'll find a lot of young mothers glaring at you.