Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Insurance, Waists, and Stone Babies

Today just wore me out. I was on the phone with a million and five people about health insurance for Audrey. It's such a freaking mess. We had been on my mom's but they booted us off the day she died so I'm trying to apply for CHIP or Medicaid for her, but that takes 4-6 weeks to get evaluated. I don't want Audrey to go without coverage for like, a month, so I'm going to shell out all kinds of money for COBRA for the next month. Buuuut, of course it's not that easy and there are all these other ridiculous loopholes that make everything so complicated. Gotta love health insurance. And I mean, come on, you can't tell me this lovely little girl doesn't deserve some quality health insurance:

Besides that, we went to the mall with Spencer to try to find him some pants. We were unsuccessful. I mean the mall had pants, don't get me wrong, but he wanted Levi's 511s in a certain shade of denim and just couldn't find them. He can be picky.

I've found that shopping is still kind of tough. After being pregnant for nine months and becoming quite bulbous, it's hard to remember what it's like to have a waist. I'm slooowwwly starting to fit in to more and more of my jeans. And thank God, cause I love my jeans.

Then and Now (goofy and goofier):

Some friend came over a while later, and we reminisced about being younger. I've known a lot of my friends since, like, kindergarten, so we have a lot to reminisce about haha. Then, I started watching this weird thing on Discovery Health about really random birth-related experiences, and they talked about "stone babies." This one lady had a fetus inside of her for FORTY SIX YEARS! Good God almighty. I guess somehow it got attached to her organs and it was too dangerous for it to get taken off--plus she was, like, terrified. So, it just hung out there for forty-six years I guess. They call it a stone baby because a layer of calcium builds up around it making it hard, etc. Apparently, it's really a miracle that she even survived.

Say whaaaaaaat?!


  1. Stone babies sound terrifying! And you rock that waist gURL! I hope Spencer finds his pants, and I hope the health insurance debacle sorts itself out. I can't wait to see you and Audrey again!

  2. we should just have free health insurance like americas hat... canada.

    also.... this post has prompted me to find out more about stone babies. the sound ridiculously scary, but for some reason, i want to know more.