Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too cool for school

I wish I was updating this a bit more often, but with everything going on, it's been pretty insane around here. We're hanging in there, though.

Aaaaand, on top of everything, Audrey started teething!

None of the teeth have broken through the gum yet, but you can see little Chiclet-shaped white spots in her gums. So cute :) Sometimes she's been a little cranky, but overall, she's been doing great. However, you can usually find her with an entire fist stuffed in her mouth and a trail of drool connecting her chin to her onesie. Very attractive.

Speaking of being attractive:

Check out that hottie. How cool is she? I mean seriously. Oh, and that goofy little chair? It's called a Bumbo, and though it looks completely ridiculous, she really loves it. It supports her so well, allowing her to sit up better. In that last picture, she has on a diaper, but you can't tell. And those sunglasses just completely crack me up. They Velcro in the back!! I think she knows she's hot stuff.

(P.S. note all the teething-related drool covering my pillow...thanks Audrey!)


  1. awww she is seriously the flyest baby I've ever seen...

  2. hahahahahaha i'm really only slightly tipsy now but those pictures of audrey with the sunglasses on are killing me. she looks like a motherfucking badass. the last one even looks like she's saying "heh. yeah. i know. i'm cool. it's whatevvvssss" i miss you and that baby!

  3. Audrey is the coolest baby I have ever seen in my life.

  4. My dad says to buy the freezable teething rings. The cold temperature is pleasant for chiclet gums.