Tuesday, August 18, 2009



GOOOOOO AUDREYYYY! Wow, you can't even imagine how excited I am. My brother and I were just chit chatting and she kept rolling over to her side like she has been doing for a while now. Next thing you know, she was on her stomach! You could tell it really surprised her; she must have been thinking, how the hell did I do that. Ahhh, I'm just so proud of her. You could tell that she loved all the attention she was getting. We kept ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over her each time she did it, so you could tell she was pretty happy with herself. I'm telling you, she's practically allllll grown up :)

Oh, and these pictures are quick ones I took before my camera died. Her room is still getting put together, but I really do love her crib. That weirdo dinosaur hooks in the back will be coming down; that was acutally my brother's. He is 23 years old and has finnnaaalllly outgrown it I guess. But yes, it will be coming down. We may have to hold on to it though for memories' sake.
I really do love it. The two quilts over the side were actually made for me by two of my mom's friends. Neither of them knew eachother but they just so happened to match! How perfect! Then I found the bumper pad on sale at Target, and that matched, too. I think I got pretty lucky.

I wish my bed was that cool. But then again, I'm not busy hitting major life milestones, so I guess she really deserves it more than I would.

But speaking of my own life milestones, I found out that I was pregnant a year ago today. It's pretty insane to think about how different my life was a year ago. Who would have thought?


As much as I totally love the whole breastfeeding thing, I will never ever ever ever allow my daughter to get this.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Naaaaked Baby, Cribs, and Poop

Doesn't Audrey look like a cartoon character in this picture? Her mouth looks so tiny and adorable. Assssssss usual :) Maybe it just looks small because of her big bulbous belly.

Good Lord, she just cracks me up. Especially that spikey little hair of hers. Whiiiich, is making me kind of nervous. Since she has moved into her crib in her very own room, I have noticed little hairs on her sheet when I get her up. I know that many times babies lose their hair, buuuut, I never noticed this while she was in her bassinet. Why would it suddenly happen the day I put her in her crib? Coincidence? Who knows.

But yes, the crib (and new room in general) is really coming along well. There's still a lot of stuff to put away, but I guess that's normal. We have been so busy moving everything around in our house in order to get Audrey into her own room. She was quickly growing out of her bassinet in my room, and the crib would have been too big to fit in my room. My brother has moved into my mom's old room and now Audrey has moved in to what used to be his room. We have been doing all sorts of organizing lately. It's tough going through all of my mom's stuff and getting rid of things to make room for my brother. I mean, we would have had to do it even if he hadn't moved into her room. I'm going to keep some of her stuff, too. Too bad her feet were smaller than mine; she's got some really great shoes. I should do a whole post about some of her clothes. Some are amaaazing. Some are a bit odd. And some are just so eighties. My mom certainly had her own style, that's for sure.

I'll post pictures of her crib and everything sometime, too. I'm just too beat to find my camera and upload them tonight. Our days are so busy, and my own real time to like reallly get stuff done is once I put Audrey to bed...aka after 9pm. Last night is a good example of this. I put her to sleep, cleaned the kitchen floor, mopped the hallways, wrote out a bunch of thank-yous, did some laundry, and organized some paperwork. And then, since I wanted some normal teenager time, too, I watched some TV and surfed the web. Needless to say, it was suddenly 3 AM. Audrey wakes up at 7 AM. Which may not sound too too bad to some people, but this is my routine night after night. I just stink at falling asleep early. Oh well.

But then I see this face and it doesn't matter how much sleep I've gotten.

And then she poops allllllll over the place. Twice. (Hence, the above nakedness) But it's still all good because having poop smeared up her back doesn't seem to bother her. In fact, she seems to somewhat enjoy it. Oh, the joys of being young.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Style Maven

So, I'm basically IN LOVE with the outfit that Audrey has on in these pictures. It's like a crocheted halter onesie with two different shades of pink. It's adooorrrable. Plus, I swear Audrey acted like she was such hot stuff when she wore it.

What's even better about this cute little outfit? I got it FO' FREE! One of my mother's good friend's daughter has 3 kids, and before Audrey was born, she gave me two huge garbage bags filled to the brim with extremely cute baby clothes. There was all kinds of great stuff. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I narrowed it down to 1 bag full since I don't have all the room in the world to store it all. A lot of the clothes--including this little number-- still had the tags on them! It was so generous of her. She also gave me her Pack 'n Play to borrow for a few months. I have to say, I am so so lucky to have such wonderful, kind people in my life.

Wow, if you could have only seen her little pudgey body in this little outfit you would have just died. How can't you just love it? And her in general?!

Honestly, thank GOD for Audrey right now. With everything that's going on, I don't know if I could keep it all together if it wasn't for her. No matter what kind of day it has been, I can look at her and everything negative just fades away and is replaced by a world of Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, exersaucers, pacifiers, and spit-up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny Face

For some reason I seem to take a good amount of pictures of Audrey in which she looks somewhat drugged. Obviously, I have never drugged my baby; it's just her natural face. Please observe the following:

I think the one with her in the tie dye is absolutely hilarious. What a Dead Head. I mean jeeze.


Angie and Gia showed us this huge field of sunflowers the other day. It was absolutely amaaaazing.

I have never seen so many sunflowers in one place, and some of them were HUGE. Like, bigger than Audrey. Mutant sunflowers perhaps? Since it was late in the day, the flowers were a bit drooped over, but it was still GORGEOUS.

Sunflowers were my mom's favorite, so it had a special meaning to us. We couldn't help but have a little roadside photo session.

Friday, August 7, 2009

In other news...

A good friend of ours gave us this ginormous zucchini from their garden, so what better way to spend your time than taking pictures of your child with strategically placed zucchini?

Yeah, that's right, there is no better way to spend your time.

Oh wait, tomatoes, too?!

I spoke too soon. I stand corrected.


Soooo, Audrey started eating rice cereal on Monday! She's practically all grown up. What's next, Kindergarten? Braces? Her freaking menstrual cycle?! I mean, good Lord, it feels like just yesterday she was still in my stomach and What to Expect When You're Expecting was comparing her always-changing size to different fruits. These first four months have absolutely flown by. It's insane.

But yes, according to her pediatrician, she's officially able to eat solid foods now. Yahoo. She went for her four month check-up on Monday, and her doctor said she seems to be doing really well. She is 15 pounds on the dot, putting her in the 75th percentile for weight, and 23 1/2 inches long, putting her in the 86th percentile for height. In other words, she is kicking major ass in her age group. Go Audrey. That's my girl.
The whole solid food thing is pretty intense, and you've got to be really careful. After you introduce a new food you're supposed to wait a few days before introducing any other new foods just to make sure she doesn't have any type of reaction. Plus, there are only certain foods she can have. On top of that, you start it out with only one "meal" a day, and it's best to do that meal in the morning so that you know if it's not agreeing with her before, say, 3 AM when you'd rather be snoozing than cleaning up barf. It all begins with cereal, which is actually more like oatmeal than like Lucky Charms or anything. Since she's gaining weight just fine (way to go breastmilk!), the doctor said that right now, this is more for practice than anything else. Babies start having solid food (which is oddly named, because it's actually quite liquid-y right now) anywhere from 4 to 6 months, so it is still a bit early. He said that I'll know when she's developmentally set to move forward with the whole process. Fun fun fun. A woman I work with gave me this cool book called Super Baby Food that basically has everything you could ever want to know about feeding a child in it plus much, much more. It's a bit health-nutty, but it's really very informative. Not only does it include instructions about making your own baby food, but it also has all kinds of healthy recipes for picky eaters, economical homemade baby supplies, and crafty ways to entertain kids. Very cool.

Back to the rice cereal thing. Spencer and I could not stop laughing at Audrey while she was attempting to eat. Her facial expression kind of seemed to say What the hell is going on right now? What is this thing in my mouth? Where are the boooooobs? Then it ended up looking a little something like this:

A.K.A. adorable :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Date Night!

As of yesterday, Spencer and I have been together two years. It's crazy it's like, when did that happen? It's insane to think of how different my life was like even just one year ago. Buuut anyway, two of my best friends Angie and Gia watched Audrey while Spence and I went to see Funny People. It was pretty good; it was a little long and a bit more serious than Apatow's other movies, but it was good. What a cute little date night. Two of our guy friends stopped over, too, and once I put Audrey to bed, we watched the end of Rocky IV since it was on TV. Niiice.

It's so cute to watch all of my friends with Audrey. Angie and Gia are really really good with her. It's adorable. These aren't pictures from yeterday, but they're such cute pictures.

All of the guys are so funny to watch. When I took her to see fireworks back in July, the boys all wanted to push the stroller and brag about what great fathers they were going to be and how good they looked pushing the stroller. Oh, and Audrey was oblivious to all of this since she slept through all of the fireworks. I don't understand this little girl sometimes. Yet as soon as we got in the car and the light came on, she was wide awake. How does that work?

This morning, my neighbors offered to take Audrey for a few hours so that I could get a little extra sleep. It was amaaazing. It's stuff like that that makes me so thankful for all of our friends and family members who have been so incredibly supportive.

Audrey and I went swimming today at a neighbor's house. She has four swimsuits that fit her right now, so I'm trying to get use out of all of them before the end of the summer. They are all sooo freaking cute. She really seems to enjoy the whole swimming thing. The first two times that I took her she fell asleep in the pool. What a lazy butt. Even today I think she would have fallen asleep but we left before she had the chance.

Needless to say, she ended up falling asleep shortly after we got home.


Ok, so I'm tired, and I don't have the energy for a full post. But check out the major cleaaavaaage on my baby. Man, that's more than I had until my chest became the human equivalent of cow udders.
But I can't tell what's better, her boobies or her little Michelin Tire Man arms. It's a pretty tough call.

Or it could be those big blue eyes. Or that ridiculous hair. Or that face.
Or maybe it's those chunky little cheeks. Or her pudgey little hands. Or her pudgey body in general.

Or maybe it's just everything.