Monday, August 17, 2009

Naaaaked Baby, Cribs, and Poop

Doesn't Audrey look like a cartoon character in this picture? Her mouth looks so tiny and adorable. Assssssss usual :) Maybe it just looks small because of her big bulbous belly.

Good Lord, she just cracks me up. Especially that spikey little hair of hers. Whiiiich, is making me kind of nervous. Since she has moved into her crib in her very own room, I have noticed little hairs on her sheet when I get her up. I know that many times babies lose their hair, buuuut, I never noticed this while she was in her bassinet. Why would it suddenly happen the day I put her in her crib? Coincidence? Who knows.

But yes, the crib (and new room in general) is really coming along well. There's still a lot of stuff to put away, but I guess that's normal. We have been so busy moving everything around in our house in order to get Audrey into her own room. She was quickly growing out of her bassinet in my room, and the crib would have been too big to fit in my room. My brother has moved into my mom's old room and now Audrey has moved in to what used to be his room. We have been doing all sorts of organizing lately. It's tough going through all of my mom's stuff and getting rid of things to make room for my brother. I mean, we would have had to do it even if he hadn't moved into her room. I'm going to keep some of her stuff, too. Too bad her feet were smaller than mine; she's got some really great shoes. I should do a whole post about some of her clothes. Some are amaaazing. Some are a bit odd. And some are just so eighties. My mom certainly had her own style, that's for sure.

I'll post pictures of her crib and everything sometime, too. I'm just too beat to find my camera and upload them tonight. Our days are so busy, and my own real time to like reallly get stuff done is once I put Audrey to bed...aka after 9pm. Last night is a good example of this. I put her to sleep, cleaned the kitchen floor, mopped the hallways, wrote out a bunch of thank-yous, did some laundry, and organized some paperwork. And then, since I wanted some normal teenager time, too, I watched some TV and surfed the web. Needless to say, it was suddenly 3 AM. Audrey wakes up at 7 AM. Which may not sound too too bad to some people, but this is my routine night after night. I just stink at falling asleep early. Oh well.

But then I see this face and it doesn't matter how much sleep I've gotten.

And then she poops allllllll over the place. Twice. (Hence, the above nakedness) But it's still all good because having poop smeared up her back doesn't seem to bother her. In fact, she seems to somewhat enjoy it. Oh, the joys of being young.

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