Monday, September 21, 2009


So, our neighbors got Audrey this exersaucer about 2 months ago, and she absolutely loves it. It's pretty entertaining to watch her. She can really entertain herself for a little while. It's amazing to see her spin around and play with everything. She always presses the buttons that play little songs and then looks up like, did you see what I did?! Plus, I used to dance whenever she'd press the buttons, but that got really tiring. She presses them A LOT. And man, does she get a kick out of it.

I always think that just about 5 and a half months ago, she wasn't doing any of that. It's crazy to see the development happening right before your eyes. I can't believe she's almost six months old! It has FLOWN by. Such a big girl :) She's so inquisitive now. I mean, she's always been curious, but now that she's figured out that she can move, she just wants to touch and explore everything.

And she's NOSEY, too!
Things have been, like, CRAZY busy lately. Not even kidding. Plus, I get distracted really easily, so each time I've told myself I was going to update my blog, I ended up doing homework (good), cutting out coupons (good), writing thank-you's (good), watching random shows like Tool Academy (BAD...those people are insane, so it's hilarious), or just sitting and staring at a wall (bad).

Today was productive, though. Audrey and I went out to the Verizon store to get my phone fixed. I dropped it and the back fell off, which is really not that big of a deal. Plus, I DID get the insurance on my phone, thank God. But the guy was being dumb. He kept making all these comments about "See, this is why you need to buy a case for your phone." I was like, "I don't understand why you need to have a case. There's no reason. If it's so necessary it should come with the phone." He didn't have anything to say.

But I ended up getting a case.

I guess he won. Damn. But then again, they are sending me another phone. Fo' free. Maybe I win :) Audrey was pretty good the whole time, but she started practicing her fun little yells. She's totally just testing out her vocal chords, but I'm not big on it if we're like out at a restaurant or something. Sometimes I'll let it go a little, but I usually kindly say, "No yelling, Audrey." I'm not trying to be a big party pooper or anything, and I understand she's only 5 (almost 6!) months old, but I just don't think it's appropriate. I know she can't understand what I'm saying, but I figure I can plant the seed now so that she'll understand when mom reacts like this, I stop. We'll see how that works out. If we're at home or something, I'll let it go a little more.

Other than that, my godmother Maureen and her daughter Kaci came over to help me write out some bills and go through my mom's closet a bit more. We went through a bunch of her shoes. My mom has some adorably--and ridiculous--stuff. She has kept EVERYTHING. She had these cute little gray pumps with bows on them that she bought in 1981! How do I know this? She kept all the receipts. I definitely have to do a post about some of her clothes. Oh, she still cracks me up. I miss her.

But I willllllll attempt to update this more often. I've just been so busy with Audrey, school, work, keeping up with housework, meeting with finanical advisors, and running a million and five random little errands. But we're hanging in there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We <3 Elena....again.

Sooooo, Elena came over to take SOME MORE pictures of Audrey last night, and they are so freaking adorable. I am just constantly amazed by Elena's photography. It's amazing. Plus, Audrey is a natural in front of the camera, so that certainly helps. She cracks me up; it's like she was being such a serious model. I was pulling out all the tricks that usually make her smile, and towards the end she cracked, but in the beginning she was just trying to be so suave and sophisticated. My girrrrrl.

I'm in love love love love love. Oh, Audrey in her pearls. Elena has ANOTHER idea, so she'd like to try that out soon, too. She just has an endless amount of ideas I guess haha.
You can see more pictures from our photoshoot on Elena's blog. Not sure where to find it? Well that's totally cool; just click here.

Don't forget about Dia, too! That's our dog. She is really unsure about Audrey. From day one, she has acted pretty protective with her, especially when other people hold her. At the same time, now that Audrey is starting to reach for things, Dia will just get up and go to another room if Audrey tries to touch her. It's somewhat cute. I mean, our dog is like 11 years old, so I think that she's sometimes a grumpy old lady who is soooo over it. Regardless, she's still pretty freaking adorable. Oh, and please excuse the boobage going on in this picture. Oh, the joyyyys of breastfeeding.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We <3 Elena

My friend Elena is a pretty freaking amazing photographer. When I had written my article for Philadelphia Weekly, she was the person I asked to take the pictures. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she's really cool, too haha.

Anywayyyy, we were hanging out the other day and she snapped some quick pictures of Audrey, so I thought I'd share them. She has some other really cute ideas for baby pictures, so I willingly offered my daughter. I'm pumped.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm a bad (busy) blogger

Oh, blog, you have not been forgotten. It's just that the school year starting makes me feel like this:

Between school starting, taking care of Audrey, our big trip to NYC, work (aka serving people who take coffee ENTIRELY too seriously), and running around like a crazy person, I have about zero minutes of free time each day. In fact, usually my free time is spent changing a diaper or something fun like that. Such as putting away laundry so that my bras aren't just sitting around when my brother's friends come over. Smoothe, Jen. Realllllll smoothe.

Besides all that, things have been sinking in a whole lot more lately concerning my mom. It'll hit me at the weirdest times and out of nowhere I'm having a little mini breakdown. Or, sometimes it's not mini it all. But usually, if you give it a few minutes, it pretty much passes. I mean, it's always there, but it doesn't always involve tears, spit, and snot or turn me into a babbling fool. No matter how many people are coming to spend time with us, inquiring as to how we're doing, or cooking us casseroles, I just can't help but feel alone. It's a gap that no one--no matter who they are--can ever fill. Even Audrey. And even if she's this incredibly cute:

Obviously, cuteness like that helps make most of the sadness go away. (God, I love that picture.) But some of it always lingers there deep down where nothing can reach it.

I'll come back and play soon. I promise. Believe me, I have a whole bunch of pictures, so it'll certainly happen soon.
Plus, Audrey is officially a big bad 5 month old. So LOOK OUT!

Goodnight :)