Monday, September 21, 2009


So, our neighbors got Audrey this exersaucer about 2 months ago, and she absolutely loves it. It's pretty entertaining to watch her. She can really entertain herself for a little while. It's amazing to see her spin around and play with everything. She always presses the buttons that play little songs and then looks up like, did you see what I did?! Plus, I used to dance whenever she'd press the buttons, but that got really tiring. She presses them A LOT. And man, does she get a kick out of it.

I always think that just about 5 and a half months ago, she wasn't doing any of that. It's crazy to see the development happening right before your eyes. I can't believe she's almost six months old! It has FLOWN by. Such a big girl :) She's so inquisitive now. I mean, she's always been curious, but now that she's figured out that she can move, she just wants to touch and explore everything.

And she's NOSEY, too!

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