Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm a bad (busy) blogger

Oh, blog, you have not been forgotten. It's just that the school year starting makes me feel like this:

Between school starting, taking care of Audrey, our big trip to NYC, work (aka serving people who take coffee ENTIRELY too seriously), and running around like a crazy person, I have about zero minutes of free time each day. In fact, usually my free time is spent changing a diaper or something fun like that. Such as putting away laundry so that my bras aren't just sitting around when my brother's friends come over. Smoothe, Jen. Realllllll smoothe.

Besides all that, things have been sinking in a whole lot more lately concerning my mom. It'll hit me at the weirdest times and out of nowhere I'm having a little mini breakdown. Or, sometimes it's not mini it all. But usually, if you give it a few minutes, it pretty much passes. I mean, it's always there, but it doesn't always involve tears, spit, and snot or turn me into a babbling fool. No matter how many people are coming to spend time with us, inquiring as to how we're doing, or cooking us casseroles, I just can't help but feel alone. It's a gap that no one--no matter who they are--can ever fill. Even Audrey. And even if she's this incredibly cute:

Obviously, cuteness like that helps make most of the sadness go away. (God, I love that picture.) But some of it always lingers there deep down where nothing can reach it.

I'll come back and play soon. I promise. Believe me, I have a whole bunch of pictures, so it'll certainly happen soon.
Plus, Audrey is officially a big bad 5 month old. So LOOK OUT!

Goodnight :)


  1. aww i loved this post. i miss you... and i know what you mean, with school starting I feel like I'm all discombobulated.

  2. Jimmy I miss you toooooooo. I hope Temple is going well. Hopefully Audrey and I can make it out there at some point.