Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We <3 Elena....again.

Sooooo, Elena came over to take SOME MORE pictures of Audrey last night, and they are so freaking adorable. I am just constantly amazed by Elena's photography. It's amazing. Plus, Audrey is a natural in front of the camera, so that certainly helps. She cracks me up; it's like she was being such a serious model. I was pulling out all the tricks that usually make her smile, and towards the end she cracked, but in the beginning she was just trying to be so suave and sophisticated. My girrrrrl.

I'm in love love love love love. Oh, Audrey in her pearls. Elena has ANOTHER idea, so she'd like to try that out soon, too. She just has an endless amount of ideas I guess haha.
You can see more pictures from our photoshoot on Elena's blog. Not sure where to find it? Well that's totally cool; just click here.

Don't forget about Dia, too! That's our dog. She is really unsure about Audrey. From day one, she has acted pretty protective with her, especially when other people hold her. At the same time, now that Audrey is starting to reach for things, Dia will just get up and go to another room if Audrey tries to touch her. It's somewhat cute. I mean, our dog is like 11 years old, so I think that she's sometimes a grumpy old lady who is soooo over it. Regardless, she's still pretty freaking adorable. Oh, and please excuse the boobage going on in this picture. Oh, the joyyyys of breastfeeding.


  1. i love love love love love these photos soooo much!!!!!!!!

  2. SO CUTEEE! I love you guys! Annie put up a picture of Audrey on our fridge. And of course she's a model, she even modeled in your ultrasound. GAHAHHHH cutie pie!

  3. Aww, that's right Keiran! You guys would all try to guess what her movements were. As I remember she was either, modeling, dancing, exercising, or moshing. Haha, just your average baby activities.