Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat!!!

Tonight was Audrey's very first Trick-or-Treat night! She was an adorable bumble bee. Very exciting stuff. We went all around our neighborhood first, but Audrey fell asleep at the third house. What a lazy bum. She's going to have to build up some stamina for years to come, cause, honey, I go BIG when it comes to getting free candy! :) Anyway, every ooooh-ed and aaahhh-ed over her, so it took us 2 hours just to do our neighborhood. And our neighborhood really isn't that big! She woke up towards the end of it all, and then we headed off to my grandparents' house to say hello.

Needless to say, Audrey was a hit! From her cute little antenna down to her itty bitty stinger, she was the cutest bumble bee imaginable--at least in my opinion.

Audrey has accumulated so many little Halloween outfits, it's ridiculous! Here's a few of them. I'm trying to get her to wear them all this week quick. She looks like such a Halloween superfan. Every day it's like "Baby's First Halloween!" or "I Want My Mummy!" or "Happy Halloween!". She apparently loves it.

In other news, by this point, Audrey has two teeth. Count 'em!!! I swear, she's practically all grown up.

She's allllll about eating now, and really seems to like her solid food. (Knock on wood) There hasn't been anything she has completely refused to eat. I mean, looking at her pictures, she obviously doesn't look like one to miss a meal, and believe me, she's not! We've tried allllll kinds of things, ranging from your basics, such as bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce, to the more exciting, such as avacado and soybeans. She likes it all! Like I mentioned before, I've been referencing the book "Super Baby Food" which is really so cool. It gives you all these different foods and when the can developmentally try them and how to prepare them and everything imaginable! Very cool. Plus, I've been making most of my own baby food because of the helpful hints in that book. It's really very easy. You can do it all in bulk by pureeing a bunch of food and freezing it in ice cube trays. I used to think, "There is NO way I'm making her food. That's gotta be a pain in the ass" but really, it's not. I don't know, part of me likes to know what all is going in her food. At the same time, I'm totally not against jarred baby food! I love how convenient it is, and they've got a lot of great stuff out there. I like experimenting with both the homemade and the store bought. Pretty fun stuff.

The past few nights have been kind of rough for some reason. I think it's some of the natural attachment issues that come with her age. She'll wake up, and when I pick her up, she immediately falls right back to sleep. I feel bad for her because there have been times that she's gotten herself rather worked up. I've just been going with my gut to decide how to deal with it. There are sometimes I pick her up, sometimes I rub her tummy and give her her pacifier, and sometimes I have to just let her cry a little. It makes me feel so bad, but she can't just get used to NEEDING to be in someone's arms to sleep. I mean, that's ok every now and then; who doesn't like that?! Poor Audrey. I also tried wrapping one of my tshirts around her bumpber because I heard maybe just being able to smell me would be comfortable. Since I smell soooo good haha :). I don't know. We'll see what works.

I'm sure it'll be one of those things that, like everything with raising a child, will pass just as fast as it came.

In the middle of the night when I'm exhausted and just want to go back to bed, I keep trying to remind myself that one day, she's not going to want to cuddle with me at all, so really, I should take full advantage of this situation! Hey, you've gotta find a silver lining somewhere.


  1. Yayyyy! Good call, Keiran!

    Audrey says thanks for remembering :)

  2. i totally ooh-ed and aww-ed out loud over this post... and i made corrie come look. she did the same thing. happy halloween to both of you guys!