Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holly Golightly + Bumble Bee!

This is one of the few pictures I have of the two of us this Halloween. Guess who I was? I was my second favorite Audrey (Ms. Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's) and in case you were unaware, Audrey was a bumble bee. I'd say we're pretty cute.

On Friday, her and I went to a Halloween party at my friend Katie's house. It was pretty fun, and Audrey was a hit, as uuuuusual. She was clapping like crazy. She just figured out that little skill recently, and she seems to love the reactions she gets from everyone.

Saturday was a pretty fun day, too. One of my best friends, Angie, was home from college in North Carolina, so we went out to lunch with her and her sister, did some shoppppping, and had a delicious dinner at the country club that they belong to. Oh, and somewhere in there I took my sociology test, too. But good LOOOOORD Almighty, this lady FLIPPED OUT at us at the country club. We ran into a friend's mom and were talking to her for literally less than one minute, but apparently we were in front of the TV broadcasting the PSU game. This woman gets up and yells, "GET OUT OF THE WAY GIRLS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" At first we thought she was joking, but we quickly realized she wasn't when she continued "WELL MOVE GIRRRRRLS!" Oh, aren't people just wonderful? I guess when we were walking to our seats she said "Who do those girls think they are?! This isn't some gathering spot." Uh, yeah, technically, I'm pretty sure that is the point of a country club. Oh, and she was using a reading light to see her food since it was dark in the room. Yeah, we win old grumpy lady.

After dinner, Angie and I went to my neighbors' Halloween party for just a little bit. It's so funny to see all the adults in my neighborhood in all their crazy costumes. There were some good costumes, such as the Publisher's Clearing House winner in PJ's and curlers, complete with an oversized check and balloons, a man in a woman's sexy nurse costume, a black judge, a gynecolegist, a urologist (Dr. Orphelia Weiner), etc. etc. etc.

During dinner and this party, Audrey was hanging with Maureen, my godmother/executrix extraordinaire. She took Audrey to her son's hockey game,and I guess her bumble bee outfit was a smash hit. Oh yeah, I made Audrey wear her costume alllllllll day on Saturday :) Hey, I figure she won't let me do something like that, like, EVER again. Plus, I insist on getting my money's worth! Most importantly, she looked so stinking adorable. What made it even more hilarious was that she has no idea that that's not a normal outfit to wear. So there she is, doing her thing, hanging out at lunch and the mall dressed like a bumble bee.

(This is Katie's dog, Lucy. Her and Audrey were BFFs for a night. It was cute.)

(Oh, and besides the first picture, all of the pictures were taken by Katie Hoffman.)

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