Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Pictures!

My friend Elena took a whole bunch of pictures of Audrey (and a few of me) the other week. I'm in love. As usual. She's just freaking amazing! I love having cool pictures of Audrey so that we can look back and reminisce about her growing up and becoming a little lady. Plus, I like having pictures of the two of us, too! It's hard to get pictures of her and I in our every day life since it's pretty much just her and I a lot. I mean, there's obviously lots of other people in our lives--such as Spence, my brother, Chris, Maureen and her family, a TON of other friends and babysitters--but a lot of times when Audrey's playing and I get out the camera, it's just her and I. That means I end up taking annoying Myspace-like pictures of her doing something really cute and me sticking my goofy face in there as if to say "Look at me! I was there!" Some of the pictures turn out really cute. Other ones? Not so much.
But Elena's pictures? THEY'RE ALWAYS ROCKING IT.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pictures of Audrey in one of my mom's bags. I'm obsessed. She was loving it for a little while, and then she got kind of antsy from being stuck in a bag. It'll be so weird to look back and think, "You fit in THAT?!"

Of course, we had to take some pictures of baby in just a diaper. I mean, what could be cuter? Especially when the baby in question makes silly body movements such as this pseudo-marionette/zombie/thriller-dancing shot.


  1. Amazing! Audrey is so beautiful. You must bring her to us to play with!

  2. all of these photos look like they could be advertisements!!!!!!!!!! she is getting sooooo big! i love the bags soo much but my favorites are the close ups of her face... and the one with u and her and the crazy boots.

  3. I knowwwww we miss you guys I can't wait to see you all soon :)

    Thanks, Mercedes and Jimmy!! I am in love with alllll of the pictures Elena takes haha. I'm obsessed.