Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick New Year's Post!!

Here are a few pictures from the past month (and especially the past week) that I thought I'd share. Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

Guess who got A NEW CAAAAAAAR (in the Price is Right voice) for Christmas.....Audrey!!! My best freinds Angie and Gia got her this pretty sweet Jeep. Riding in styyyyle.

Hey do you have a license for that thing?!

Yeah, I don't know what this picture was from, but that's one of the sleepiest, sassiest faces EVER. It reminds me of her current face which is in bed, but sniffling like crazy. The poor baby is soooo stuffy :( she's having trouble sleeping because it's not too easy for her to breathe well through her nose. I feel so bad. I try to use the nasal aspirator, but she gets SO upset and for such a little girl, that girl can flail around like the best of them.

This was right after we chopped down our Christmas tree. Audrey's cheeks look nice and rosey :) We were in the back of our friends' van. I just think she looks gorgeous in this picture. As uuusssuaaal.

Here she is all bundled up and ready to find the perfect Christmas tree! And man did she find one. That will be another post in and of itself. She was SO bundled up, though! It was adorable.

Oh, just doing some reading. And some pounding. You know, your typical Saturday morning for an 8 month old (who is now 9 months and 1 day old!!)

Hahahaha cheesing it up with Uncle Chris on Christmas! I love this picture. It kills me. We were getting our Christmas dinner ready and they struck a pose. Looks like Audrey's been downing some of that champagne Uncle Chris was drinking.

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  1. that third picture is amazing. you both look gorgeous. it looks like audrey has on false eyelashes! p.s. happy new year gurlllll!