Sunday, December 12, 2010

Model Chick

If you don't know who Elena Jasic is, than you're crazy and you need to get your life together. For real. She's just amazing, and she has taken some fantastic photos of Audrey throughout her short 20 months of life, and this past set proves to be no different.

Here are some of my favorites:

(yes, that is a fox! Elena had it, and for some reason Audrey LOVED it. I thought she'd be terrified. Instead, she would snuggle with it and then lay it down and say, "Night, Night!")

(For more, click HERE, and prepare to have your mind blown!)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Holiday Behind

Happy Thanksgiving!!! HOWEVER, considering it's been crazy nuts around here lately, this post will be about the previous holiday: HALLOWEEN! I will do my best to get into a better posting schedule soon. Between work, school, and big Audge, my time has been a little bit occupied.

Regardless, we had a fantastic Halloween. Audrey dressed up like a shark, and she rocked it! The thing is, so many toddler girl costumes--and let's be honest, female costumes in general--are just too girly. They're all the same! The racks are filled with fairies, princesses, and other overly-cutesy costumes. This shark just stuck out to me because it was AH-MAZING. It was also made out of fleece, so I knew it would keep her warm and comfy no matter what the crazy weather decided to do. PLUS, it was only $7.95 after my Gap, Inc. discount at Old Navy! You simply cannot beat that!

OK, now that that holiday is taken care of..... Here's what else we've been up to lately!

We did some baking together lately tha was lots of fun. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! YUM. It's one of those things that my mom made a habit of making around this time of the year, so I couldn't resist doing it with Audrey to keep that deliciousness alive. She was HILARIOUS. She was a huge help when it came to dumping ingredients in the bowls and stirring her little toddler brains out. She also very much enjoyed chowing down on pumpkin and all the chocolate chips she could get her hands on.

(Ok, maybe I should note, Audrey was just playing with that oven mitt. I did not make her take the cookies out of the oven or anything. She's not that advanced of a baker just yet!)

Other than baking and dressing up like a ferocious shark, Audrey has been attempting to go to the bathroom on the big girl potty!!! It's so exciting. She's pooped in the potty 3 times now and peed about twice. The best way to get her to keep her little naked butt on the pot is to sing songs. She likes to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and insert all of her family members' names into it. Apparently we all have sheep. Which is totally cool, right? BUT, considering that we've had some successes, I can't complain. I'm not into pressuring her to do it, but I think it's good to show her and let her learn at her pace. We made a big deal about it when she first went. If you ask her what mommy says when she pees or poops on the potty, she'll let you know that I went "YAAAAAY!!!"

Pictures of that to come, for sure!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheesin' to the MAX

100th post! NUTS. 100 posts of baby-filled wonderfulness. Or at least that's what I'm going for. Thanks so much for reading and checking in!

But anywayyyyy:
Lately, a good deal of the photos I've taken of Audrey are filled to the brim with THIS face:

That face with mom:

That face acting CRAZY with mom:

That face in her jammies:

That face in her cool jacket:

I'm telling you that face is popping up everywhere! I just hope she sustains it until it's school picture time! I would most certainly pay big bucks for tons of copies of that face.

Sometimes it comes out looking semi-nervous:
Sometimes it involves wearing mom's belt as a necklace:

Heck, sometimes it requires wearing mom's BRA:
(I swear, she found my bra and put it on and then started reaching for my camera. The she insisted that I take her picture with it! What a goofball.)

Sometimes it requires being a little more serious while wearing a hat:

And then sometimes it requires a little extra sass (which can easily be shown by sticking her tongue out):

Regardless, that face is freaking adorable. Let's be honest. I love the incredible range of emotions that Audrey has now. Everything is happening so fast! Every day it's something new. Every day she's saying new words or doing new things. Lately she's been catching on to colors, especially green, purple, orange, blue, and yellow. A good amount of times she'll get them right! It's amazing to see the changes that occur each and every day. Today, she came running back to my room going "HAP-PY! HAP-PY! HAP-PY!" with a big goofy smile filled with goofy crooked teeth. In return, I was most certainly "hap-py!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doing Big Girl Things

Well would you look at what we've got here! Audrey is quickly turning into a little Picasso!
The other weekend, we went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA with our friend Amanda, and let me just say, it was FANTASTIC. It was so cool to see Audrey react positively to all the arts-and-crafts-related items. There were crayons, paints, Model Magic (which is kind of like Playdough but less sticky), chalk, and markers among other wonderful products. Throughout the different rooms of the building, you could test out all the different items Crayola has to offer. I was a little nervous that Audrey would be too young to really have fun and appreciate it. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved it!

AND, as you can tell, that enthusiasm has continued! We stocked up on some products before we left such as these fantastic window crayons. Thank GOD for our sliding glass door! Audrey absolutely loves these things! Sometimes she'll just decide that she wants to go color and off she waddles to the kitchen to open up her window crayons and create a masterpiece. So far she hasn't tried to use them on any other surfaces.
Besides window crayons, we got some triangle shaped crayons that are supposed to be easier for little hands to hold (and they don't roll off the table all the time!), bathtub markers, a very cool puzzle (courtesy of Amanda who is a HUGE puzzle fan in the best way possible) and Color Wonder finger paints and paper. The Color Wonder products are pretty awesome because they ONLY work on the Color Wonder paper. AKA no mess! That's the only thing we haven't tried out yet.
But you know something we have tried out?

BABY PEDICUREEEEEES! My Lord, I always said I would never do something like that to Audrey because she's a baby and that's ridiculous. But I did. And it's adorable. I mean seriously, take a look at those piggies. GAAAH! I was touching up my own pedicure, and Audrey was grunting and putting her toes close to mine. I said "Audrey, I don't think you'll hold still for me to do it," to which she replied "Uh. Uh. Uh." I thought heck, I'll try one and if she doesn't hold still I'll just take it off and forget this ever happened. The thing is, she did hold still. The whole time. We call them her fancy toes, and she LOVES IT.

I swear, she is so freaking funny. It's amazing at what she catches up on these days or attempts to try herself. While I was making dinner tonight this crazy girl got herself up on the chair at the desk in our kitchen and began checking the messages on our home phone. I mean HONESTLY?! Who is this crazy little human being, and what did she do with my baby?!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey September, Where Did You Go?!

WOW, so much time has passed since my last blog post. What the whaaaaat?! I apologize. It's been craaazy busy around here lately considering that I've been getting more hours at work (temporary promotion woop woop!) and school started! Oh, and don't forget miss Audrey in all of that!

She's got zero time since she's always trying to weasel out of pictures that her mother attempts to take of the two of them (that ends up causing us each to have the most awkward faces ever):

She's busy sitting casually on the steps of cafes with flowers in her hair:

It's been really hectic having a good time on car rides (occasionally...other times it's like "GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR NOWWWW!"):

Oh, and don't even get her started on how slammed she's been cheesin' it up before bedtime:
Heck, she's got to be a big cheeseball morning, noon, and night! Where's blogging supposed to fit into that mix?!

However, there is certainly a lot to post about. This past Saturday we took a road trip to Easton, Pennsylvania, to visit the Crayola Factory with Amanda from work. Then on Sunday we took another trip to Hershey Park with the Shays to close out the season! And to make it even better, the tickets were free. Gotta love that!

Needless to say, I promise I will make an effort to update more frequently!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quiz time!

Lately, Audrey and I have these ridiculous conversations that pretty much consist of me asking a bajillion and one questions as Audrey responds in the most adorable way possible. I just go around pointing at all kinds of things and listening to her version of the word. She catches on to so much. I've realized that I make this clicking noise when I'm calling to Dia (our dog), and lately Audrey has started making that sound, too! One day, I was like, "My God, she picked that up from me!" Who knew?!

Anyway, as you can see in this video, Audrey has been loving corn on the cob lately. She likes it better on the cob than when I cut it off. It's hilarous. She just chows the heck down.

PLEASE ignore how annoying my voice is in this video. Someone please tell me I don't sound like that in real life. Good thing my daughter is adorable; that makes up for it.

P.S. I'm not drinking a beer in this video. It's an Peach IZZE!

P.P.S. How much of a CREEP does that Elmo balloon look like in the background?!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Give and Get is Here!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from August 26-29 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy and we'll donate 5% of what you spend to a non-profit."

So, as a Gap employee, I got to pick an organization (out of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, WWF, Feeding America, (RED), Teach for America, or Big Brother Big Sister) that 5% of my Friends and Families proceeds will go towards. I've picked The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so if you'd like me to email you a coupon, let me know! It's good multiple times in all of our stores, and one time online (INCLUDING at Piperlime and Athleta).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Guess what today is?

Just a normal day for you, BUT, exactly 2 years ago today I found out I was pregnant with Audrey. How nutso! It's crazy to think about how different things were before all of that. I THOUGHT I was getting ready to go to Temple to be a normal kid, but, life had different plans. Isn't that always the way things go?

Look at that. She was a cutie, even then. Oh, and in case you know nothing about child development in utero, THIS was not the ultrasounds taken the first day I found out. This was a few months down the road haha. In the beginning she looked like a little blob with a slight distinction betweeen her head and her body.

Ugh, just thinking about the nausea and tuna fish sandwich cravings makes me...well it makes me want to barf every day all over again! And to think my DUMBASS doctors--yes, I'll say it, those doctors suck pretty bad--INSISTED that I had a stomach virus for almost a month. WHAT MORONS?! Even after I said, "No really, there is a chance I could be pregnant I guess" they were like "Noooo, you're not pregnant. You have gastroenteritis."

But instead, THIS happened. Yes, besides the fact that I made wonderful friends at Temple (such as the two touching my belly above), I also grew in the stomach region. And grew. And grew. And then I had a baby.

It has all made me revisit this bad boy:

HAHAH. Jeeze, would you look at that goof! it's been a while since I saw all that. (AKA when it was printed). Why was my hair that short? At least it's nice and shiny. I remember I felt like I needed something different and Temple's water was rough on my hair (knot CENTRAL), and my mom encouraged me because she thought my bangs made me look even younger than I already was haha. I still don't see the Ellen Page resemblance, but I remember there were one or two comments on how I looked like "Juno" haha. Maybe it was the flannel?

As far as the writing goes, I feel like it has changed so much. Plus, that was written for a class and edited a good amount to make it work in the "alternative weekly" newspaper setting. It's just so weird to read about that day. I'll never forget it.

It does make me think about my mom and how happy she'd be with Audrey here in the house every day. I guarantee I wouldn't have gotten to see my daughter allllll summer because she'd hog her up. I guarantee I'd sleep better because she'd do that thing she used to do where she'd yell down "Jennnn, turn off the tv. Go to bed." or "Jen, what are you eating? Go to bed." I can also guarantee that my mom would spoil the you-know-what out of Audrey, no matter how hard I'd try to stop it.

I wish Audrey would have gotten to spend more time with her. They would have gotten along juuuuust fine :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Accessories, Water Parks, Belly Buttons and More

So here are some recent aspects of our life that you should probably be aware of:

1. I'm in love with this dress. It's Stella McCartney for BabyGap, and it's adorable! Crocheted tops on babies are amazing, especially because you know that if the same top was on a grown woman, it would be totally inappropriate, especially if no bra was involved haha.
Oh, and then when cute dresses are combined with THIS FACE:
the cuteness level blows a gasket! This is her cheesy smile, and lately, it pops up alllll the time. Thank GOD. It's adorable. I hope that's how her school pictures end up for the first few years.

2. Lately Audrey wears anything semi-similar to a necklace around her neck. It either goes directly around her neck or else in this Miss-America-sash style such as this:
Oh and this? It's a strap from one of her chairs. BUT, the way she has it styled makes it such a glamorous necklace!

3. For Audrey's birthday, we got her this amaaaazing inflatable WATERPARK. It's amazing in theory, but absolutely horrible when it comes to actually blowing it up. It took FOREVER. I'm talking HOURS UPON HOURS, and it wasn't even completely inflated. But, it was still pretty sweet. The alligator is a pool with a little spray fountain; the elephant is like a sprinkler; and water comes out of the neck of the giraffe like a tunnel. Yeah, I know you're jealous. Plus, she has a sandbox that our neighbors got her for her birthday, so she's all set!

EXCEPT, the only part she really liked was the pool because I had put some warm water in it. Everything else was getting cold hose water so she'd do her best to dodge those. At one point she walked RIGHT through the stream coming out of the elephant's nose and got soooo upset. Oh, and don't even get her started on the sand in the sandbox. She's too much of a clean freak right now to deal with that pesky sand that sticks to everything. She constantly tried to wipe it off of her.

4. The accessorizing has already begun! Beyond necklaces, Audrey is obsessed with bracelets. It started one morning while I was picking out a bangle and Audrey insisted that she needed one was well. Ok, well actually she needed two or three. Since they're my bracelets, they're entirely too big, but that doesn't bother her at all. She knows to hold her arms up so that they don't fall off.

The day that these particular pictures were taken, she kept the bracelets on for like an hour straight. It totally cracks me up.

5. Sometimes I would just love to know what exactly is going through Audrye's head. CLARIFICATION: not sometimes, ALL the time. For example, what makes her decide to take allllll of the dog's toys out of the basket so that she can sit in it? What makes her walk up to an eight-month-old, look at it like, "hmm, what happens when I do this?" and chuck a toy at the baby's head? What makes her get insanely excited when she sees a Swiffer? Lord only knows.

6. Audrey absolutely loves her belly button lately. Every know and then as she's walking around she'll just pull her shirt up and fondle her belly button as if she's been thinking, "Oh, shoot, is my belly button still attached?" I'm sure she's relieved to find it time and time again.
And as most things these days go, it allllll ends up with a cheesy smile!

7. And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have TEDDY.
Teddy is definitely one of the vital members of our household. Since my brother's girlfriend gave him to Audrey on her first birthday they've been just about inseperable. She clings to him and tackles him on the floor for full snuggling space. In fact, when I put her down in her bed, I literally put her right on top of him and that's how they sleep together. As long as he's involved, she's good to go when it comes to the bedtime routine.
In this particular picture, she had woken up insanely early for some reason so for the first time in forever, I put her in bed with me. NOT COOL. Apparently I was like the kiss of death to sleep with and Audrey seems to be quite the same. She flails her body all over the place and head butts me and kicks me and gives me LITERALLY enough of the mattress so that I'm teetering on my side at the edge of the bed while my bedstand is digging into my skull. Yeah, it's not quite as cute and cuddly as it used to be. But even then, she could be violent!
However, I've got to say when she finally does lay down and snuggle right into my little nutch (I don't think that's a real word), it's honestly the best thing that could ever happen. EVER.