Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double Digits!


It does not seem like it was just over TEN MONTHS AGO that Audrey was still cooking away in my stomach. Nor does it seem that these first few pictures were taken ten months ago. She doesn't even look like the same person. Sometimes I swear someone switched out my baby for some other baby along the way. I mean, seriously! She's practically an adult. What the heck happened?!

So, now we're officially into the double digit month birthdays. Next month is going to be a little tricky considering that there aren't even 30 days in February. We'll just have to celebrate for a few days. The 1st birthday is practically here! I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday that morning sickness was causing me to puke all over Central PA, Philly, and everywhere in between--literally. Thank GOD those days are over!

Now our days are filled with zombie poses...

...sly faces...

...walks in the hooooood...

...and lots and lots of crusty faces!
You know, the good stuff :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


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They need all the help they can get.

Do what you can.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Happens in the High Chair...Ends Up on the Blog

OH HEY!!! I've found a decent amount of pictures just from the past month in which Audrey is hanging in her high chair. I mean, we do spend time there about three times a day EVERY DAY. Well, I should clarify, SHE spends time in the high chair, and I hang out beside a lame old regular chair. Psssht, who would want to sit in one of THOSE?!

SNOW DAYYYY! I kept trying to get a nice posed picture of her and our rather snowy back yard. Naturally, she wasn't too impressed. She'd rather do some cooking with her spatula.

"Ugh, Mom. Could you buzz off already?! It's entirely TOO early to have that darn camera in my face AGAIN."

Those darn teeth! The whole teething process can be a little tough, but thanks to an ice cold butterfly, we're going to make it out alive! At least for now...

She's over it. Good Lord, look at her little piggy toes just hanging out. I swear, she just kills me. Each and every day, there are times I look at her and feel so incredibly overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Her toes seem to have this affect on me--along with everything else about her!
As you can see, Dia, our sheltie, has found the hot spot for food droppings in the house. Audrey seems to like to feed Dia. She flops her body over one side of her high chair in order to search the tiles for the dog. If she's not visible on that side, she flops over to the other side to get a good look in, and all the while, she's waving at the floor as if that's going to make Dia appear. If foods involved, Dia will usually be there. If Audrey is just trying to give her a toy though, Dia's not interested. Heck, she's going to be 12 in February; she's done messing around with that stuff!

Audrey really seems to like these teething biscuits. Yum, yum, doesn't that sound delicious?! It's so funny, though; I think she's really beginning to develop frustration more. She tried to stick this HUGE chunk of the biscuit in her mouth which was entirely too big for her 2 (almost 4!) little chompers to handle. I had to stick my finger in her mouth and fish it out as she was flailing around. This was not ok in Audrey's opinion. Her adorable little mouth formed the biggest frown and she grunted as a few tears began to collect in her eyes. Plus, she'll shake her arms now when she gets a little mad. It's equal parts hilarious and sad.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If you don't like seeing excessive amounts of baby toys, you probably shouldn't view this post.

Just a warning.
So anyyyywaaay, Santa dropped off so much loot that we don't know what to do with it all! I mean, literally, it is January 12, and almost ALL of the stuff that Audrey got is still in our living room. In a pile. I mean, we moved it out from under the christmas tree [which is in the process of being taken down :( ], so I guess that was a good step.
Spence and I tried to be reasonable and hold ourselves back, but being Audrey's first Christmas, that was hard for us and even harder for EVERYONE ELSE. My two best friends Angie and Gia got Audrey a very cool Jeep walker to cruise around the house in. It's so funny watch Audrey wobble all over the place and try to get into things. She enjoys eating her puffs while "driving around," as well as chasing down Dia, our dog.
Some of our neighbors got Audrey a little table that speaks in both English and Spanish. Bilingual baby!! I swear if I here "ROOOOJOOOO" (Spanish for "red") one more time, I may possibly chuck it out the window. Just kidding. She really seems to like it! It's really very cute.
Other neighbors got Audrey a very adorable shopping cart and a pair of Uggs! I have to say, I'm not an Ugg fan for the most part, but I really feel that they're adorrrrable for babies!

The most outrageous gift that Audrey got from some of our neighbors was a case of beer. Yeah, I said it. BEER. Once, she was down at the Musselman's house just hanging out, and Will got out a beer after a long day of work. Audrey proceeded to snatch it up and put it up to her mouth as though she was drinking from it. Should I be worried?! I don't have a copy of the picture on my computer, but once I put it up, I'll post it. It's HILARIOUS.
As far as gifts from family, Chris got Audrey a pretty fly jogging stroller that has a place to plug in my iPod as well as speakers so we can BUMP IT! Hahah we're going to be the coolest mother-daughter exercising team EVER. It's so nice.

(P.S. I stink and for some reason I CANNOT figure out how to flip these videos around! I can do it in the Picasa program, but not the actual video itself. So, I'm sorry for that!)

Spencer and I got Audrey a tent that looks like a tree (this was a compromise because Spence thought she should get the inflatable ball pit)...

A set of bongos...
A bowling set, a set of very cool keys, AND LOOOOOOOVEEEE. I'm only adding that because I can't remember what else we gave her haha. And I don't feel like hunting down any more pictures. I apologize.

Chris gave me a nice necklace with Audrey's birthstone on it as well as a gift certificate to the HERSHEY SPA! I can't wait to go sometime. Oh, and Spence got me a really cool pair of Hunter boots. It was adorable, he said he remembered me talking about them a while ago but couldn't remember the brand. He did recall me talking about how cool Kate Moss looked in them, so he Googled "Kate Moss rain boots" and did some searching haha. How cute is that?! He listens! I certainly made out very well.

Chris's girlfriend, Brittany, gave me a BEAUTIFUL drawing of Audrey that she made. It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to hang it up. I had no clue that she even drew, but it's SO GOOD! You can kind of see it in the bottom right corner of the 2nd picture in this post.

Plus, Chris and I are pretty sure we could start our own cafe now. His girlfriend's parents got us one of those Keurig machines, my dad and stepmom gave me an espresso machine, and Angie gave me a really amazing tea pot! Looooook out Starbucks!
For our Christmas dinner, we stuck with tradition and made steak and lobster, just like we had always used to do with our mom. It was gooooooood. Audrey had mixed vegetables, a green bean, and some mashed potatoes. Very exciting stuff. We all ate our brains out.
One of the most meaningful gifts I was given was a scarf from my neighbors. My mom's good freind Jude had been out Christmas shopping with my mom last year, and during that trip, she had picked out a scarf for a good freind of hers. My mom continued to comment on how much she had loved that scarf, so Jude went back and got my mom one, too, and planned to give it to her this Christmas. Obviously, that didn't happen. It's ironic because, as Jude says, she NEVER Christmas shops that early. EVER. It's just crazy. However, it is a very beautiful scarf, and I love wearing it. It makes me think of my mom, and I can certainly see why she loved it so much.
The weekend after Christmas, we visited my dad, stepmom, and little sister in Maryland. I hesitate to say little sister considering she's like aallllllll grown up now! It's insane. That's her in the picture above. How adorable? I mean serrrrriously. We had lots of fun visiting them, too. They just moved to Cleveland this past week, so I hope all is well there and I hope my sister is enjoying her new school!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chrirstmas Eve FLASHBACK!

So, we made out very well this Christmas. And when I say very well, I mean, like, we acquired a boatload of extremely cool and amazing things. More than we could ever want or need. Our living room is just ridiculous right now. Still. Because we look at it all, and it's like, ahhh, where are we going to put all of this stuff?! We are just so incredibly blessed to have so many generous, supportive peope in our lives. Beyond the presents, the good times with friends and family has been great, too :)

Every year, we get nice and dressed up and go to church at 6:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Granted, there was one year when my mom attempted to drag us to the midnight mass, but we were literally falling asleep in the middle of it. We were in elementary and middle school! Come on, Dee! So this year, we stuck with the 6:30 mass. Brittany, my brother's girlfriend, went with us, too, which was probably a good thing considering that Audrey and I were up walking around for part of the mass. She was getting antsy. So was I. Plus, I hadn't been back to that chuch since my mom's funeral, so it was a bit odd.

And besides my mom's funeral, Audrey has never been to church, so she doesn't know the proper church going etiquette. SUCH AS the fact that you're NOT supposed to wave at EVERYONE that walks by or go "aaaAAAAHHHHH" or "pfiiiiiiiiiiiit" loudly (or quietly, for that matter). You're also not permitted to take your dress shoes off, chew on them, and then chuck them on the floor. I'm sure she'll get the hang of all of this soon enough, though, and everyone around us seemed to get a kick out of it. She is seriously so nosey it's not even funny. There were these two old people on oxygen behind us, and she's strain her neck soooo hard to lean over my side, and stare and wave at them.
After church, we stopped home to take some pics in front of the tree before heading off to our neighbors for their annual Christmas eve party. It's always so much fun and the food is SOOO GOOOOOOD. We eat and eat and eat and eat some more. Scattered somewhere between all that eating is some talking and gift giving, but the eating is what's truly important, right?! Our neighbors are like family, and we've known them all forever, so it's always a lot of fun.
Yes, there was certainly an empty spot there that night, especially considering how much my mom loved Christmas and Christmas Eve. This party was the one night of the year when my mom drank. Like, more than 1 Zima. Or, I'll never forget the time I was at Temple and was talking to my mom after a rough Friday and she sassily informed me, "You know what, I think I'm going to have HALF a beer tonight!" Jeesh mom, go big or go home!

Anyway, so she'd go to our neighbor's house and they'd buy cases and cases of this fantastic champagne. Mike, our neighbor, would top my mom off the ENTIRE night. She'd take one sip, and he'd be RIGHT there to fill her back up again. And she'd try to fight it. But barely. It was so funny.

This year, Audrey seemed to really enjoy herself. She hung out for a little while before slipping into something more comfortable (also known as fleece snowman button down pajamas). She then proceeded to open some presents, wave to everyone with both hands like she always does when she gets ultra-tired, and head to bed in a pack-and-play our neighbors new, ginormous bedroom that is part of an AMAZING edition they put on their house. As she slept soundly upstairs I continued to get my party on downstairs (responsibly, of course) with my monitor strapped to the belt of my jeans. No seriously, they have a way to attach it to your pants. I looked cool. Then, I bundled up, scooped her up, and snuck back to our house to get in bed so that Santa could show up with the goooooods. She stayed asleep, which was nice. My brother and his girlfriend stayed at the party a lot later than we did. As a new mom, I just don't have any party stamina I suppose. And that's just fine :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Behind on the Holiday Posts

Sooo, let's take it back to 2009. Now, don't get nervous or anything. I'm only talking about December of 2009. I've uploaded tons of pictures from all of our holiday gatherings, events, etc. so I figured I'd share them.

That requires us to head back to December 4th when we took a trip with our good friends the Millers to pick out a lovely Christmas tree. We have done this with them EVERY YEAR for as long as I can remember. And we're not a bunch of sissies. We rough it out to McCurdy's Tree Farm near Ski Roundtop and chop it down ourselves!

Well, technically, the men cut it down and we watch. It usually takes an hour or two for us to find our trees because we make sure to hike alllllll over the farm. It's really quite amusing. My mom was always a big fan of this tradition, and she took her Christmas tree hunting very very seriously. My brother and I would pick out a tree that we liked, and each time, she'd point out SOMETHING that was wrong with it, such as a crooked top, or an awkward shape, or the fact that she just didn't like it. Then, she'd find a tree with a big gap in the side or barely any needles or branches, and that was THE TREE. We'd argue. We'd fight. But in the end, we usually got her tree. But to give her credit, it always looked really good.

This year, it didn't quite take us as long, probably because our mother wasn't there to pick at every little thing. Not that I didn't wish she was there. I would have KILLED for her to be there this year to tell me how ugly my tree was and to have us trekking all over God's creation to find one that she liked. However, Chris and I found a wonderful wonderful tree. Before we cut it down it was like 14 feet tall. There were about 3 feet of bare trunk on the bottom, and we have high ceilings in our house, so we figured that if we cut off that bare trunk, it would be perfect.
And it was! It barely fit, but it looks really great.

It's sad thinking about taking our tree down now :( It'll definitely have to happen some time this week. I just love the atmosphere of our house when the tree is here.
I swear I'm not a Christmas superfan. Jeeze, look at me, posting a whole post on my Christmas tree about a month after we even chopped it down. YAHOOO CHRISTMAAAAS!