Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Behind on the Holiday Posts

Sooo, let's take it back to 2009. Now, don't get nervous or anything. I'm only talking about December of 2009. I've uploaded tons of pictures from all of our holiday gatherings, events, etc. so I figured I'd share them.

That requires us to head back to December 4th when we took a trip with our good friends the Millers to pick out a lovely Christmas tree. We have done this with them EVERY YEAR for as long as I can remember. And we're not a bunch of sissies. We rough it out to McCurdy's Tree Farm near Ski Roundtop and chop it down ourselves!

Well, technically, the men cut it down and we watch. It usually takes an hour or two for us to find our trees because we make sure to hike alllllll over the farm. It's really quite amusing. My mom was always a big fan of this tradition, and she took her Christmas tree hunting very very seriously. My brother and I would pick out a tree that we liked, and each time, she'd point out SOMETHING that was wrong with it, such as a crooked top, or an awkward shape, or the fact that she just didn't like it. Then, she'd find a tree with a big gap in the side or barely any needles or branches, and that was THE TREE. We'd argue. We'd fight. But in the end, we usually got her tree. But to give her credit, it always looked really good.

This year, it didn't quite take us as long, probably because our mother wasn't there to pick at every little thing. Not that I didn't wish she was there. I would have KILLED for her to be there this year to tell me how ugly my tree was and to have us trekking all over God's creation to find one that she liked. However, Chris and I found a wonderful wonderful tree. Before we cut it down it was like 14 feet tall. There were about 3 feet of bare trunk on the bottom, and we have high ceilings in our house, so we figured that if we cut off that bare trunk, it would be perfect.
And it was! It barely fit, but it looks really great.

It's sad thinking about taking our tree down now :( It'll definitely have to happen some time this week. I just love the atmosphere of our house when the tree is here.
I swear I'm not a Christmas superfan. Jeeze, look at me, posting a whole post on my Christmas tree about a month after we even chopped it down. YAHOOO CHRISTMAAAAS!

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