Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Happens in the High Chair...Ends Up on the Blog

OH HEY!!! I've found a decent amount of pictures just from the past month in which Audrey is hanging in her high chair. I mean, we do spend time there about three times a day EVERY DAY. Well, I should clarify, SHE spends time in the high chair, and I hang out beside a lame old regular chair. Psssht, who would want to sit in one of THOSE?!

SNOW DAYYYY! I kept trying to get a nice posed picture of her and our rather snowy back yard. Naturally, she wasn't too impressed. She'd rather do some cooking with her spatula.

"Ugh, Mom. Could you buzz off already?! It's entirely TOO early to have that darn camera in my face AGAIN."

Those darn teeth! The whole teething process can be a little tough, but thanks to an ice cold butterfly, we're going to make it out alive! At least for now...

She's over it. Good Lord, look at her little piggy toes just hanging out. I swear, she just kills me. Each and every day, there are times I look at her and feel so incredibly overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Her toes seem to have this affect on me--along with everything else about her!
As you can see, Dia, our sheltie, has found the hot spot for food droppings in the house. Audrey seems to like to feed Dia. She flops her body over one side of her high chair in order to search the tiles for the dog. If she's not visible on that side, she flops over to the other side to get a good look in, and all the while, she's waving at the floor as if that's going to make Dia appear. If foods involved, Dia will usually be there. If Audrey is just trying to give her a toy though, Dia's not interested. Heck, she's going to be 12 in February; she's done messing around with that stuff!

Audrey really seems to like these teething biscuits. Yum, yum, doesn't that sound delicious?! It's so funny, though; I think she's really beginning to develop frustration more. She tried to stick this HUGE chunk of the biscuit in her mouth which was entirely too big for her 2 (almost 4!) little chompers to handle. I had to stick my finger in her mouth and fish it out as she was flailing around. This was not ok in Audrey's opinion. Her adorable little mouth formed the biggest frown and she grunted as a few tears began to collect in her eyes. Plus, she'll shake her arms now when she gets a little mad. It's equal parts hilarious and sad.


  1. mmm teething biscuts.
    hahaha... adorable as always.
    can't wait till you come visit!


  3. SAME HERE! Audrey is unbelievably beeyooteeful and I am simply heartbroken that I have yet to meet her face to face.