Friday, February 12, 2010

How Babies Deal with Blizzards

We got hit pretty hard by this whole February Fury thing going on! I've got to say, I find that name pretty darn catchy. It details the intensity of these past few days in the cheesiest way possible. On last Friday to Saturday we probably got like 2 feet or so of snow and then starting on Tuesday, we got like 16 more inches! Something like that.

I should get all the details from my brother. When it comes to snow, he becomes a meteorologist and a five year old at the same time. He kept The Weather Channel on for, like, 48 hours as well as this little weather box which used to be our mother's stepdad's! I've NEVER seen one of these besides the one we have. It's like a little box with an antenna, and all it plays is this man talking about the weather. My brother also LOVES playing outside. He was outside for about 4 hours on Wednesday with our eleven-year-old neighbor. He told us it was "like a marshmallow world" outside. Oh, my brother is twenty-three.

Audrey and I didn't play outside nearly as much as Chris. Spencer got snowed in with us, too, so that was nice! It's adorable to watch Audrey and Spence together. So cute. We stayed in and played, walked in the snow a little, and visited our neighbors. She seemed to be very interested in the snow. She really wasn't sure what to think of it; she did a lot of waving and looking around. However, she absolutely HATED getting all bundled up.

Aud has been showing off all her tricks lately, too! Sometimes when we say "Audrey," she tries to mimick us by what sounds like "aaauuuddgge-eeee." Other times, she goes "hiiiiiiii" "heyyyyyyyy." And just tonight, when I asked where my nose was, she would grab it! It's so cool to see her personality begin to form. I can't believe that she can actually DO things now, as weird as that sounds. Ten months ago she really couldn't do anything. It reallly is amazing.

I have to say, though, Audrey has been SO sensitive lately! It's a little bit adorable and a little bit absurd. Whenever we try to discipline her, she gets the saddest look on her face and her mouth turns into the most perfect frown that you've ever seen. She will burst in to tears, but then within 10 seconds, it's usually over. For example, the other night, she was stuffing all these avacado pieces in her mouth so I said "no" and Spencer tried to fish some of them out of her mouth. She got so sad. Just then, my brother got home from work and scooped her up and asked, "Aww, what happened?" and she started to cry again as if to say "Oh, Uncle Chris, you'll never guess what my parents did now!" And sometimes she tries SO hard to fuss, but then she just can't. It's pretty entertaining. I have to stop myself from laughing sometimes.

I hope everyone had nice snow days!


  1. I love her coats. hhahahaha. and while i may not share your brother's same enthusiasmfor snow... i was so happy Temple canceled TWO DAYS!

  2. i love that little red coat! get that baby down here asap! we can throw her a mini birthday fiesta!

  3. BABY!!!!!! I giggled out loud during this post. I cannot wait until she starts talking! AH she's going to be the cutest non-baby because right now she is the cutest baby!

  4. Hahah I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS SOON! Her red jacket kind of reminds me of yours, Keiran! Very military-inspired haha. I'm glad you all survived FEBRUARY FUUURRRRYYY.