Monday, March 15, 2010

Children's-Book-I've-Memorized Mondays

I'm going to start this new tradition of sharing with you some fun books that Audrey is obsessed with lately. She's so obsessed with them that I have some memorized. Yes, we read them that much. But I'm fully willing to encourage this obsession!

This week's book is Pajama Time! by children's book God Sandra Boynton. It's been one of Audrey's favorites for a while, and it's because of this book that Spencer pointed out to me that I have a problem.

The moon is up, it's getting late
Let's get ready to celebrate!
It's pajama time!

Pull on the bottoms,
Put on the top,
Get yourself set to pajama-dee-bop
It's pajama time!

Now some are old,
Some are new.
Some are red,
and some are blue.

Some are fuzzy,
Some are not.

But we can all pajammy in whatever we've got!
It's pajama time!!!

Some are pink,
Some are green.
Some are the ugliest we've ever seen!

They might be stripey or polka dot,
But we can all pajammy in whatever we've got!
It's pajama time!!!

Pajammy to the left,
Pajammy to the right,
Jamma Jamma Jamma Jamma P! J!
Everybody's wearing them for dancing tonight
Jamma Jamma Jamma Jamma P! J!

Now all around the room,
In one big line,
Wearing our pajamas and looking SO fine!
It's pajama time!!!

Hop in to bed,
Turn out the light,
You can have a party in your dreams tonight,

Hush, Hush
It's pajama time!!!
Hush, Hush
it's pajama time
(Goodnight. Sleep tight!)

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