Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food, Drink, and EVERYTHING in Between

Wow, I had a quiz and short essay due at 11:59pm tonight and when did I turn the essay? 11:52 pm. Not good. I should not procrastinate so badly. It's not good. I would have definitely finished it earlier if I wouldn't have fallen asleep while feeding Audrey as I do so very often. It's just so hard. I'm laying there next to her in the dark and it's silent and it's warm and cozy.

However, we're starting the whole weaning process, so I guess soon enough, I won't have that as an excuse for procrastinating. We've cut out one of the feedings so far, but there's still 4 to go, including her first "meal" of the day and right before bed time. Those will probably be the toughest. I guess the morning shouldn't be too bad but she always wakes up so darn hungry and practically pulling my t-shirt down as soon as I pick her up. Not appropriate. And really, I'm hoping that her nursing before bed can just be switched out with a bottle of whole milk and maybe she won't mind. I guess we'll wait and see.

I tried the whole milk the other day out of curiosity, and MAN is that gross. UGH. But they suggest it for weaning and for children over the age of 1 (she's close enough) as the next step after breastmilk or formula. They need the fat, unlike the rest of us. But hey, I'm not jealous. That stuff's gross. Drink all the fat you want, Audrey; I'll be sticking with my 1%.

(Eating a plum. I have a video of it, but it won't load. I was eating it, but she wanted some, too. She was slurping the heck out of it.)

And speaking of food, it's amazing how much Audrey will eat now! I swear she gets bored before she gets full. She just keeps going and going sometimes. I try my best to feed her mainly FRESH fruits and vegetables, and she really seems to like that. She shows so much more of an interest in our food lately, so she might help me improve my own eating habits. For example, today I was trying to sneak in an apple fritter while I gave her apple sauce, but she had her eye on the prize. She does this little grunt and reach thing to try to show what she wants. I didn't give her any though; I just ate it faster and then was like, "Oh, what? It's all gone. Sorry. I didn't know."

Spencer and I agreed to try our best to keep her off the sweets as much as possible. She doesn't need that crap now; she's not even a year old, and any time she has had something sweet (such as a few bites of cake on my birthday) it has not agreed with her. I hate seeing her not feel good, and it's obvious her body is jut not ready for that stuff yet. She has her whole life to have junk food, so why introduce her to that taste now? It's one that will catch on far too quickly. There is also some diabetes in Spencer's family, so I'm not messing with it.

In fact, for her birthday, I'm not going to do cake. Go ahead, call me a controlling parent. Call me a health nut. Call me what you will. BUT I'M NOT. I just don't understand this insane idea that we're supposed to put down a big ol' slab of cake and let our BABIES have at it. People act like I'm committing child abuse. I'd say my decision is the sane one. Plus, she LOVES fruit. She'll be totally into it! And there will be some sweetness in the crust. I'm sure she'll survive. :)


  1. That last picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  2. Hahaha thanks, Corrie! I love that one, too :)