Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent Adventures with the Shays

Check out Audrey's new shoes! My godmother and great friend Maureen (as well as the rest of the wonderful Shay family) got Audrey these as an early birthday gift. They're legit walking shoes, so they have more support than some of the other little shoes out there. You could tell she thought she was hot stuff when she was trying them on :)

It's so funny, it took her a while to get used to walking with shoes on, but now she's got it down pat. At first, her little feet would flop around, and she'd stare down at them like, "what the heck are these things?!"

Check out that speed demon!!!
I've been trying to upload videos lately, but it hasn't been letting me! As soon as I can, I will.

Last Saturday--since it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out--we went to the park with the Shays. It's nice having a park that's literally 2 minutes from our house. Audrey liked it! She seemed to really enjoy picking up pieces of tanbark one by one and handing them to Maureen. I guess that's more interesting than a playground full of swings, slides, etc. She cracks me up!

She really enjoyed waving to this pig as well. Audrey LOVES animals, even fake ones :)

It's so funny, if Maureen's around, she's like "I don't want my boring mom...MAUREEN'S HERE!" It's so funny. I guess parents just don't understand :) And it's hilarious how excited she gets to see Maureen's children. She literally gives them the BIGGEST smiles. It's also impressive how comfortable she's gotten with Maureen's husband even though she is usually very tenative around men.
It's great to see her bond with people, especially people like the Shays who have become such a big part of her life!

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