Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Adventures!!

So, we've been some busy travelers lately! Right now I'm getting ready for bed in Cleveland while visiting my Dad, stepmom, and little sister. Today was my dad's birthday, so we came to surprise him! He didn't even see it coming :) At least, I don't THINK he did. It's so great to be out here and see their new house and visit. We went to a great steakhouse for dinner and chowed down. Audrey was being a ham as usual, and she was wandering around waving at everyone. It's ADORABLE to see Audrey with Emilee. At the table, she kept tapping Emilee on the shoulder so that Emilee would look at her. That or else she'd lean in for hugs and kisses. It was adorable.

I'll have more of an update and hopefully some pictures on the rest of this weekend later!

LAST WEEKEND, Audrey and I visited my Temple friends in Philly. It was TONS of fun. We got in Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. By planning the car rides around nap time, we were able to make the car rides pretty easy. EXCEPT, I had to stop at a rest stop on the way home to get coffee because I was so tired for some reason. It stunk that I had to get her out of the car, which ended up waking her up. That wasn't fun. But it's better than me falling asleep driving!

But, back to the weekend at hand, it was SO great to be back and see everyone. We stayed in Keiran and Annie's dorm, which is actually more like an apartment than a dorm. It was just renovated last summer, so it's really nice. They even have enough room in their one common room that they had a cot set up as a "spare bed" for guests like me :) I popped up Audrey's Pack-n-Play, and we were good to go. I was worried she wouldn't sleep well being in a different bed and being in a dorm building with very thin walls. You know those college students like to stay out until all hours of the morning!! BUT, she only woke up once, and it wasn't for long.

We made a new friend this weekend, Kelsey! She crocheted Audrey these adorable little stuffed animals. How adorable?! I'm pretty sure she could sell them and become super-famous and go on Oprah or something. Just a thought. I love how awkwardly cute they are.

On Saturday evening, everyone made some very delicious food (yes, even the sad, sad Confetti Cake!) and we hung out, ate, laughed, tried on wigs, and attempted to put wigs on Audrey. She was NOT having it with the wigs. Not a fan. My friends were bummed about that, but they're still going to give her another chance to redeem herself.

We got to hang out with Audrey's unofficial godfather, Pete, on Sunday. He met up with a very lazy Audrey, myself, Keiran, Adam, Corrie, and Kelsey and took us to this really cool restaurant in South Philly called the Royal Tavern. Very good stuff. They had a really great jukebox that Audrey enjoyed playing with. Heck, maybe she'll be a DJ! It was a great time, and I'm glad we got to see Pete, too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Childrens' Books I've Memorized Monday

For today's selection, I'll do another Sandra Boynton book that has cemented itself to my memory. What can I say, we read a lot of Boynton. As Spencer has said, she's become his new favorite author! I agree.

This book is short but sweet. It's really a winner. "Moo, Baa, La La La!"
A cow says moo.
A sheep says baa.
Three singing pigs say LA LA LA!
"NO, NO," you say, "that isn't right."
The pigs say oink all day and night.
Rhinocereses snort and snuff.
And little dogs go ruff ruff ruff.
Some other dogs go bow wow wow.
And cats and kittens say meow.
Quack says the duck.
A horse says neigh.
(It's quite now, what do you say?)
Audrey likes this one. It's especially good if she's having a day with a very short attention span because this one gets right to the point and doesn't have too many words on each page. She gets bored with too many words sometimes. Plus, she's always trying to turn all the pages, so sometimes I get a word or two in and it's just on to the next one!
Usually she just ends up running around while I read to her. I feel like I'm reading to myself, which occassionally makes me feel ultra-lame because I'm laying there on my living room floor reading childrens' books while Audrey is off texting and organizing her clothes.

That's cool, right?

Speaking of clothes, how cute is this dress:

It was only $12.99 at Target! I'm obsessed. It's part of that Liberty of London collection, which I think has a lot of cute things. All of the baby things are ADORABLE. She got a ruffled romper (yes, I said the words "ruffled" and "romper" together!) from the line for her birthday. Now that's one fun article of clothing! It's over-the-top in a good way. I saw a woman's dress with this SAME print on it and joked that I should get it so we can be matching. The thing is, I like this print so much, that I was only semi-joking.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stuff that Big Girls Do

Cheesin' it. Look at her hands. How adorable is that? Lately, she does this thing with her hands and acts all shy and whatnot. She especially does it around men. She has been such a cheeseball, it's ridiculous! I'll say "SMILE!" and she'll give me the goofiest, toothiest grin in the world. Except she doesn't quite get that you're supposed to look at the camera when you smile. But we'll get there I'm sure.

I swear, her toes are pretty much the cutest things ever. They kill me every time. Plus, lately she's been crossing her ankles a lot and being very sophisticated. That kills me even more. Oh, and apparently they're really delicious; she keeps sticking them in her mouth! I'll say "Eat your toes!" and she'll grab them and start chowing down. It's really very adorable.

"What?! YOU don't hang out in a box every so often? It's completely normal."

Car rides are exhausting.
Speaking of car rides, I turned Audrey's car seat around to face the front now that she's a big one year old! I have to say, I was more nervous driving with her for the first time facing forward than I think I was the first time I ever took her in the car! I guess it seems more real because I can look in my rearview mirror and actually see her as opposed to only seeing her carseat. Plus, she was just really quiet and busy looking around. It was borderline awkward. I tried to keep the conversation up, but obviously our conversations are still very one-sided. I just kept saying "Whaddaya think Audge?" (translation: What do you think, Audrey?). So far, so good. I just feel like I have someone judging my driving at all times now. Plus, she's in the middle seat, so she's pretty close. She's breathing down my neck! The pressure's on!!
I figured this adjustment would either make things better or worse; it would make things better because she'd have more to look at it, but it could be worse because she's able to see me and yet not have me. Plus, she's so nosey that I have a hard time believing that she'll ever fall asleep in the car again since there's so much to see.
But I really hope that doesn't happen!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter time!

On Easter morning, I tip-toed into Audrey's room to wake her up. I know, I know, I DID WHAT?! Who wakes a baby?! Well, we were going to church soon and this little girl was being a lazy bum.
I just love her little butt-up-in-the-air pose! I've never seen her sleep like that before. She just looked so adorable, peaceful, and zonked out that I hated waking her! But I did, because we had a big day ahead of us. And this is what came from that...

HAHAH. This face is probably also due to the fact that she woke up to my camera flashing at her. Jeesh. Apparantly Paparazzi Mom needs to CALM DOWN. I'll admit, I'd be grumpy, too, if someone woke me up and was immediatley taking pictures. Even if I was this cute.
But, after I gave her a bottle (we're weaning! yahoo whole milk!), I got her into her Easter dress and all was well. She thought she was HOT STUFF. It was hilarious. She kept looking at her dress and touching it and feeling her sparkley shoes. Plus, I was "oohing" and "ahhing" all over her, so her ego was pretty big. I'd say "OHHHH, AUDREY, LOOK AT YOU! YOU LOOK SOOOO GLAMOROUS!" To which she'd reply:
She has honestly been such a cheeseball lately! What's this smiling thing?! She never used to do that haha.

Then it was on to breakfast. Lately, Audrey has been loving the blueberries. Actually, she seems to like any berries, really, but blueberries and strawberries seem to be at the top of her list. HOWEVER (and this may be TMI) I think it's making her poop blueish/blackish. So, that's gross. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing in her diet that would do that. I was totally disgusted the first time it was like that, but considering all the bodily function ordeals that us parents have to control, it's no biggie.

All blue/black baby poop aside, I think we had a very nice Easter! We went to church with the Shays, visited the Musselmans and went on a walk (their wonderful dog Sammy passed away recently, and she will surely be missed!!!), and had a nice steak dinner with dad/Spencer. The day was relaxing and fun for the most part. Though we had some invitations for Easter dinner, it was nice to just be at home and do something ourselves. The smoke alarm did ring once, but we're all alive and well. One holiday down, hopefully lots more to go!

You can't tell, but this was while Audrey was hunting for Easter eggs. To her, that meant trying to run around all over the place and wiggle her hand out of mine and occassionally come upon a colorful egg. She really liked it outside. It has been SO NICE lately. We got her a swing to hang from one of our trees for her birthday, and we attempted to put it up but had no such luck. GOOD LORD that thing was difficult. It's like you need a completely straight branch or else it gets all tilted. And who the heck wants to push a baby in a tilted swing?! Not me. It was so frustrating that we ended up taking it down and just planning on asking Uncle Chris for some help.

Audrey's little onesie cracks me up. It's a horoscope t-shirt from the Gap. Since she's an Aries, it has a ram on it accompanied by the phrases "Born Good Natured" and "Loves to Rock the Boat." So far I'd say that seems to be pretty accurate!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!

Audrey is officially ONE YEAR OLD! Now that doesn't even seem possible, does it?! It's insane. That's all I can say. It's felt like both the longest and the shortest year of my life allllllll at the same time. Just a year ago, we were feeling eachother out during our first few days home from the hospital. I was exhausted and nervous but completely in love. She was still making sure she trusted us and NURSING THE HELL OUT OF ME. It's so funny, I remember that she pretty much kept at least one eye open ALL night during that first night home. My mom and I said she just didn't trust us yet. She was thinking, "Who the heck are you people and who let you take me home?!"
(This adorable picture was taken by my friend Michele. She took a bunch of her when she visited a little while ago and I completely forgot to post them! That'll be another day :) )

And now look at us?! I pick pacifiers up off the ground and give them to her. I let her wander around the kitchen while I clean up from breakfast. I know it's ok to give her a few minutes of fussing before I peel myself out of bed in the morning to feed her. I HAVE MY OWN ROOM AGAIN. Oh my, things have changed.

Here's a few pictures of her birthday party, but you can see more here. Luckily, Lee took lots of pictures at the big bash because I was pretty busy and kept forgetting to take my camera out! The party turned out great! There were about 50 people that came! It got big haha. But it was a great time, and Audrey seemed to have a lot of fun. She did get a little nervous at first, but she calmed down pretty well. She got a whole lot of loot, such as LOTS AND LOTS of books! Overall, it was a wonderful day!

Audrey had her little fruit tart, and she was ALLLLLL about it. It was so funny. At one point I thought she was reaching for the cake, but nope, she just wanted more blueberries! I'm proud of her :)

One change that I am not too fond of is not having my mom anymore. It's been a little rough lately with Audrey turning one. I mean, obviously I'm thrilled and it's been so fun and exciting, but it's also very bittersweet. For example, on Audrey's birthday I just kept thinking about being in labor at the hospital with my mom a year go, walking around through my contractions, laughing at pictures of ugly babies, pushing as my mom counted REALLLLLYYY SLOOWWWWLLLYY in attempt to get me to push longer (that didn't make me too happy!). I miss her so, so much. Each milestone is exciting, but it's also a reminder that the person I'd most like to share it with--my mother--is not here. I know, I know, she's in a better place and she can still see everything, but I'm honestly tired of hearing that. She's not HERE. She's not seeing it. And that sucks. I just know how excited she'd be to see all of this. I know she'd brag about Audrey to all of her friends. I know she'd spoil her, even if I told her not to. I'm so so lucky to have all of the support I still have, but nothing will ever take the place of having my mom here.