Monday, April 12, 2010

Childrens' Books I've Memorized Monday

For today's selection, I'll do another Sandra Boynton book that has cemented itself to my memory. What can I say, we read a lot of Boynton. As Spencer has said, she's become his new favorite author! I agree.

This book is short but sweet. It's really a winner. "Moo, Baa, La La La!"
A cow says moo.
A sheep says baa.
Three singing pigs say LA LA LA!
"NO, NO," you say, "that isn't right."
The pigs say oink all day and night.
Rhinocereses snort and snuff.
And little dogs go ruff ruff ruff.
Some other dogs go bow wow wow.
And cats and kittens say meow.
Quack says the duck.
A horse says neigh.
(It's quite now, what do you say?)
Audrey likes this one. It's especially good if she's having a day with a very short attention span because this one gets right to the point and doesn't have too many words on each page. She gets bored with too many words sometimes. Plus, she's always trying to turn all the pages, so sometimes I get a word or two in and it's just on to the next one!
Usually she just ends up running around while I read to her. I feel like I'm reading to myself, which occassionally makes me feel ultra-lame because I'm laying there on my living room floor reading childrens' books while Audrey is off texting and organizing her clothes.

That's cool, right?

Speaking of clothes, how cute is this dress:

It was only $12.99 at Target! I'm obsessed. It's part of that Liberty of London collection, which I think has a lot of cute things. All of the baby things are ADORABLE. She got a ruffled romper (yes, I said the words "ruffled" and "romper" together!) from the line for her birthday. Now that's one fun article of clothing! It's over-the-top in a good way. I saw a woman's dress with this SAME print on it and joked that I should get it so we can be matching. The thing is, I like this print so much, that I was only semi-joking.

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