Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stuff that Big Girls Do

Cheesin' it. Look at her hands. How adorable is that? Lately, she does this thing with her hands and acts all shy and whatnot. She especially does it around men. She has been such a cheeseball, it's ridiculous! I'll say "SMILE!" and she'll give me the goofiest, toothiest grin in the world. Except she doesn't quite get that you're supposed to look at the camera when you smile. But we'll get there I'm sure.

I swear, her toes are pretty much the cutest things ever. They kill me every time. Plus, lately she's been crossing her ankles a lot and being very sophisticated. That kills me even more. Oh, and apparently they're really delicious; she keeps sticking them in her mouth! I'll say "Eat your toes!" and she'll grab them and start chowing down. It's really very adorable.

"What?! YOU don't hang out in a box every so often? It's completely normal."

Car rides are exhausting.
Speaking of car rides, I turned Audrey's car seat around to face the front now that she's a big one year old! I have to say, I was more nervous driving with her for the first time facing forward than I think I was the first time I ever took her in the car! I guess it seems more real because I can look in my rearview mirror and actually see her as opposed to only seeing her carseat. Plus, she was just really quiet and busy looking around. It was borderline awkward. I tried to keep the conversation up, but obviously our conversations are still very one-sided. I just kept saying "Whaddaya think Audge?" (translation: What do you think, Audrey?). So far, so good. I just feel like I have someone judging my driving at all times now. Plus, she's in the middle seat, so she's pretty close. She's breathing down my neck! The pressure's on!!
I figured this adjustment would either make things better or worse; it would make things better because she'd have more to look at it, but it could be worse because she's able to see me and yet not have me. Plus, she's so nosey that I have a hard time believing that she'll ever fall asleep in the car again since there's so much to see.
But I really hope that doesn't happen!

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  1. Goodness Jen, you really have a keeper there. Audrey is so unbelievably gorgeous. I'm so excited to see you guys!