Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Adventures!!

So, we've been some busy travelers lately! Right now I'm getting ready for bed in Cleveland while visiting my Dad, stepmom, and little sister. Today was my dad's birthday, so we came to surprise him! He didn't even see it coming :) At least, I don't THINK he did. It's so great to be out here and see their new house and visit. We went to a great steakhouse for dinner and chowed down. Audrey was being a ham as usual, and she was wandering around waving at everyone. It's ADORABLE to see Audrey with Emilee. At the table, she kept tapping Emilee on the shoulder so that Emilee would look at her. That or else she'd lean in for hugs and kisses. It was adorable.

I'll have more of an update and hopefully some pictures on the rest of this weekend later!

LAST WEEKEND, Audrey and I visited my Temple friends in Philly. It was TONS of fun. We got in Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. By planning the car rides around nap time, we were able to make the car rides pretty easy. EXCEPT, I had to stop at a rest stop on the way home to get coffee because I was so tired for some reason. It stunk that I had to get her out of the car, which ended up waking her up. That wasn't fun. But it's better than me falling asleep driving!

But, back to the weekend at hand, it was SO great to be back and see everyone. We stayed in Keiran and Annie's dorm, which is actually more like an apartment than a dorm. It was just renovated last summer, so it's really nice. They even have enough room in their one common room that they had a cot set up as a "spare bed" for guests like me :) I popped up Audrey's Pack-n-Play, and we were good to go. I was worried she wouldn't sleep well being in a different bed and being in a dorm building with very thin walls. You know those college students like to stay out until all hours of the morning!! BUT, she only woke up once, and it wasn't for long.

We made a new friend this weekend, Kelsey! She crocheted Audrey these adorable little stuffed animals. How adorable?! I'm pretty sure she could sell them and become super-famous and go on Oprah or something. Just a thought. I love how awkwardly cute they are.

On Saturday evening, everyone made some very delicious food (yes, even the sad, sad Confetti Cake!) and we hung out, ate, laughed, tried on wigs, and attempted to put wigs on Audrey. She was NOT having it with the wigs. Not a fan. My friends were bummed about that, but they're still going to give her another chance to redeem herself.

We got to hang out with Audrey's unofficial godfather, Pete, on Sunday. He met up with a very lazy Audrey, myself, Keiran, Adam, Corrie, and Kelsey and took us to this really cool restaurant in South Philly called the Royal Tavern. Very good stuff. They had a really great jukebox that Audrey enjoyed playing with. Heck, maybe she'll be a DJ! It was a great time, and I'm glad we got to see Pete, too!

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  1. im so glad you guys were able to visit! it was so nice to be able to catch up and see how you were doing!!!!! And, WOW Cleveland!? You two are traveling fools!