Friday, May 21, 2010

Spike Leen

Toofs! Would you check out all those chompers? Pretty cool, huh?! I'm not sure exactly how many have poked through now (the picture above is probably a week or two old) I think there's four on the top and at least four on the bottom. I know at least two have broken through the surface in the past week or so. It's so funny to see them! Spencer is convinced that we have to get her braces now because they seem so uneven and crooked. I try to tell him that that's just how baby teeth are!

Sometimes I like to spike up Audrey's hair after her bath and let her walk around like that. It's so funny considering that she has no clue how ridiculous she looks. So there she is, walking around and doing her thing with her crazy hairs way up in the air. She'll do something very serious like "read" a book or "organize" her shoes. You know, the usual bedtime activities.

Besides spiked hair and growin' teeth, we've been having fun now that school's over! Today we went to the park with my friend Laura and her twin two-year-old daughters Andrea and Makaela. Those girls are SO ADORABLE. MY GOD. It's amazing to see how much they learn in between our get-togethers. Audrey was trying so hard to keep up with them and chase after tham, but my the time we left she was EXHAUSTED.
Here are some ultra old pictures of Audrey, Andrea, and Makaela playing together back in November. So just add a good six months to all of that cuteness and you'll get a good idea of how adorable these hang out sessions get!

(this was our progression of attempting to get a good picture of the three of them. It went from one in place, to two in place, to three in place and about zero children looking :) )

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  1. YAY TEETH!!!!!! as the son of a dentist, I can't begin to tell you how excited i am!!!