Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picture Flashback

Ok, so these pictures are MONTHS old, but I realized I never posted all of them! A friend of mine that I met at Temple, Michele, stayed overnight a while back, and as we hung out, she took some adorable pictures of big Audge. The great thing about these pics is that there is such a wide range of baby emotions being shown.

Such as zombie baby.

Or caught-off-guard-and-rushing-a-wave baby.

Or exhausted baby.

Or about-to-zonk-out baby
Or creepy grinning baby.

Or adorable baby :)
Or spying baby.
Or old-lady-look-a-like baby.

And of course, if you were ever wondering where she gets all of these fun facial expressions from, just check out her mama!

There's punk rock baby! Oi! Oi! Oi!
And pin-up baby.
Modeling baby.

Exaggerated whining baby.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me, Mom!" baby face.
"Hey lady, don't even think about moving an inch closer" sassy baby.
Grumpsters McGee baby.
Senior portrait baby. (minus the cheesy smile)
Too cool for school baby.

Deep in thought baby.

Intellectual baby.

"Hey, gimme that camera!" baby
Flirty baby.

Pondering-life-as-I-stare-off-into-the-distance baby

You know, the usual expressions. From a big ol' pouty face, to full out whining, to a cute little grin, Michele caught it all. I'm glad that Audrey was being animated. Sometimes when a camera comes out, she just goes all blasé and acts like the just can't possibly be bothered by the picture taking going on. Which, I mean, that's cool, too, I guess.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Play Dates!

Lately, with it being summertime and all, we've been trying to get together with friends as much as possible. Not only is it a great time, but I also think it's important for Audrey to be around other children and learn how to interact well with them. Luckily, we've got some cool friends with cool kids! My friend Laura has two-year-old twin girls who are AAAADORABLE. Audrey really seems to love playing with Andrea and Makaela. The three of them together seriously just crack me up. It's hard, too, because they're all at that age where they're learning what it means to share, but at the same time, they don't quite understand its importance or why we must do it. Needless to say, sometimes one of them will have a little mini melt down, but Laura and I deal with it and the play date goes on!
The girls loved playing in Audrey's walker, even though none of them needed it for walking assistance. They took turns getting pushed around!
For a little while, the three of them ended up in Audrey's bed with TONS of blankets and stuffed animals. While they hung out in there, Andrea taught Audrey how to turn the light switch on and off by demonstrating and saying "Watch, Audrey." And Audrey does it ALL the time now!
Makaela had a pillow, about four blankets, and some stuffed animals all piled on and around her and reached for Audrey saying "NUGGGLE! NUGGLE, AUDREY!!!" She wanted to snuggle with Audrey soooo bad, and it was adorable. When her sister tried to come over to snuggle, she insisted "NO SISSY! AUDREY NUGGLE!"

On Thursday, Audrey and I went to go play at Laura and the twins' house, which was filled with so many big girl toys that Audrey had a hayday! She especially loved the high-heeled dress up shoes, and surprisingly enough, she could actually walk in them!! So much fun!

We also went to Rachel's house this weekend with our friend Staci. Rachel has a two-year-old girl named Taylor and about a two-month-old named Noah. They're both pretty darn cute! And wow, can Taylor talk well! We're talking full sentences! I think the funniest was when her mom was telling her to share and Taylor said "But mom, I CAN'T share. I can't!" But she did, and she was very good at it! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of this fun get together. I'm sure we'll get together with them again soon and take tons of pictures of the adorableness that ensues!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Animal Lovers

Recently we went to Lake Tobias with our friend Amanda. It's a local animal reserve that, for being in central Pennsylvania, is actually a lot more impressive than you may think! We're talking lions, tigers, bears, ostriches, bison, llamas, goats, lemurs....the list goes on! It was a blast. Plus, it's SO inexpensive; it costs $4 to get in and then $5 to go on a safari ride. Needless to say, it's a steal.
Audrey had literally no fear of all of the animals. I mean, she's a toddler, and I know she doesn't understand the consequences of going over and smacking an alpaca on the head, but seriously. You'd think she'd be a little tenative. At both the petting zoo and the safari ride, you can buy crackers to feed the animals. She LOVED that. On the safari ride she was practically hanging over the side to feed the different animals.

And like I said, there were some BIG animals. We're talking BISON. And don't forget the vicious birds. One almost took her hand off. But she wasn't even phased. It amazed me. There were girls who were probably around 6 or 7 sitting in front of us and Amanda and obviously they were trying to give the animals crackers, too. Audrey seeemed to notice this and insist even harder that the animals take her crackers. What a goof.

(that deer in the background is totally sticking his tongue out at us!)

Then at the petting zoo, she was going right up to these animals that I'm pretty sure could have bitten her finger off in one chomp and patting them and shoving crackers in their faces with no apprehension whatsoever. There was also a pregnant goat there that seemed to take a liking to her. And of course, she loved it.

And then her big adventure ended like this:

Which, after such a fun day, I could definitely have gone for, too!
P.S. Amanda Mustard is responsible for taking allllll of these adorable pictures.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pretend that we're still in last week so that this post happened on time...

Hahahah check out these nerds! We went to the Baltimore Aquarium LAST Thursday (yes, I'm ultra behind) and hung out in Inner Harbor for a little while. It was lots of fun, and I think Audrey really enjoyed herself, too! It's hard to tell by this picture because they caught us totally offguard as soon as we walked into the aquarium, they were like "OK STAND HERE...SMILE!" She had a little trouble on the car rides because she refused to sleep. It's not that she was really crying or anything but she just kept making this little annoyed noise that she makes, and after an hour and a half of hearing it, you're like MY GOD, PLEASE STOP THAT NOISE! She's like a little gorilla!

But she was great. We got down there around 1pm I want to say, and then went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. I haven't been there in forever and Spencer has never been to one (I'm more hard rocking then him, OBVIOUSLY), so it was a fun time. Oh yeah, and Audrey had never been to one either.

After all that deliciousness, we headed to the aquarium. Audrey was pretty tired by that point, but she seemed very intrigued by all the animals. The coolest was this shark whose snout looks like a saw. NO LIE. This thing was ridiculous.

(PICTURE FROM http://de.academic.ru)

I've got to say, we weren't too impressed by the dolphin show! It was good, but they tried too hard to make it informative when really, I mean really, come on, all we really want to see is crazy jumps, flips, and tricks. Spencer chose a seat for us in the SPLASH ZONE along with all the other elementary school aged children there on field trips. However, we didn't get totally soaked or anything. Audrey loved sitting by all of the kids. She was clapping along with them with a big grin plastered on her face. She definitely thought she was one of the big kids.

We only did a little bit of shopping [I got a much-needed pair of shorts (high-waisted!) and Spencer got a hat] but it was so nice to just walk around down there. THIS was the point where Audrey fell asleep. It worked out pretty well, but I do wish she would have slept in the car. Oh, and I left my wallet in Urban Outfitters for about 15 minutes. THANK GOD Spencer knew where it was and nobody took it. Beyond that, we had a total Seinfeld moment when leaving. We got lost in the parking garage. It was horrible, and I got cranky. Spencer had to start at the top and walk down until he found our car. OH, and it was already $22 to park there for the length of time that we did and then they charged us another $5 I guess because it took us so long to get OUT of the garage. WHAT THE HECK?! We payed just as much for parking as we did for one ticket to the aquarium.

THEN, on LAST Friday, we met up with a buddy from middle school, Miss Amanda Mustard! We hadn't really been in touch much since back in the 8th grade, but it was cool getting together and catching up. Plus, she took a lot of adorrrable pictures of Audrey. In fact, all of the pictures that make up the rest of this post were taken by her!

We went to Dockside Willies (I don't think I will ever be comfortable with that restaurant's name...it's just odd!) and chowed down on pizza and a giiinorrrmousss loaded potato. No, literally, this potato was massive. It was honestly the size of Audrey's head. HUGE.

(SO pumped for potato!)

After that we had to hit up the park to burn off the food. Ok, Amanda and I didn't, but Audrey did some running around while Amanda snapped pics.

(talking on da' phone)

(She was being totally serious again for some reason, so some tickeling was needed)

(Sniffing flowers! I love this scrunched face!)

(Scaaaryy mom, but adorable Audrey)

(Serious swinger)

(Nobody hugs her so she has to hug herself)

[Just kidding! We love hugs and snuggles :) ]

But don't worry, as if that other food wasn't enough to fill us up, we headed for some yummy ice cream as well! Peanut butter soft serve is amazing! Audrey seemed to enjoy some, too :)

Someone was hogging it up! Her name starts with an "A" and ends in a "udrey." Oh, and she made friends with a very friendly older couple who have two grandchildren. Audrey even got a french fry out of them! She's sly, I'll tell you what.