Monday, June 21, 2010

Animal Lovers

Recently we went to Lake Tobias with our friend Amanda. It's a local animal reserve that, for being in central Pennsylvania, is actually a lot more impressive than you may think! We're talking lions, tigers, bears, ostriches, bison, llamas, goats, lemurs....the list goes on! It was a blast. Plus, it's SO inexpensive; it costs $4 to get in and then $5 to go on a safari ride. Needless to say, it's a steal.
Audrey had literally no fear of all of the animals. I mean, she's a toddler, and I know she doesn't understand the consequences of going over and smacking an alpaca on the head, but seriously. You'd think she'd be a little tenative. At both the petting zoo and the safari ride, you can buy crackers to feed the animals. She LOVED that. On the safari ride she was practically hanging over the side to feed the different animals.

And like I said, there were some BIG animals. We're talking BISON. And don't forget the vicious birds. One almost took her hand off. But she wasn't even phased. It amazed me. There were girls who were probably around 6 or 7 sitting in front of us and Amanda and obviously they were trying to give the animals crackers, too. Audrey seeemed to notice this and insist even harder that the animals take her crackers. What a goof.

(that deer in the background is totally sticking his tongue out at us!)

Then at the petting zoo, she was going right up to these animals that I'm pretty sure could have bitten her finger off in one chomp and patting them and shoving crackers in their faces with no apprehension whatsoever. There was also a pregnant goat there that seemed to take a liking to her. And of course, she loved it.

And then her big adventure ended like this:

Which, after such a fun day, I could definitely have gone for, too!
P.S. Amanda Mustard is responsible for taking allllll of these adorable pictures.


  1. omgawwwd! I LOVE LAKE TOBIAS!!!! my parents used to take us there all the time... and last summer I went for the first time in about 4 years. I love the safari ride.

  2. YEAH, I had never been there. It is pretttty darn cool, I'll admit haha. I'm glad that even after 4 years it was just as cool!