Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picture Flashback

Ok, so these pictures are MONTHS old, but I realized I never posted all of them! A friend of mine that I met at Temple, Michele, stayed overnight a while back, and as we hung out, she took some adorable pictures of big Audge. The great thing about these pics is that there is such a wide range of baby emotions being shown.

Such as zombie baby.

Or caught-off-guard-and-rushing-a-wave baby.

Or exhausted baby.

Or about-to-zonk-out baby
Or creepy grinning baby.

Or adorable baby :)
Or spying baby.
Or old-lady-look-a-like baby.

And of course, if you were ever wondering where she gets all of these fun facial expressions from, just check out her mama!

There's punk rock baby! Oi! Oi! Oi!
And pin-up baby.
Modeling baby.

Exaggerated whining baby.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me, Mom!" baby face.
"Hey lady, don't even think about moving an inch closer" sassy baby.
Grumpsters McGee baby.
Senior portrait baby. (minus the cheesy smile)
Too cool for school baby.

Deep in thought baby.

Intellectual baby.

"Hey, gimme that camera!" baby
Flirty baby.

Pondering-life-as-I-stare-off-into-the-distance baby

You know, the usual expressions. From a big ol' pouty face, to full out whining, to a cute little grin, Michele caught it all. I'm glad that Audrey was being animated. Sometimes when a camera comes out, she just goes all blasé and acts like the just can't possibly be bothered by the picture taking going on. Which, I mean, that's cool, too, I guess.