Friday, June 25, 2010

Play Dates!

Lately, with it being summertime and all, we've been trying to get together with friends as much as possible. Not only is it a great time, but I also think it's important for Audrey to be around other children and learn how to interact well with them. Luckily, we've got some cool friends with cool kids! My friend Laura has two-year-old twin girls who are AAAADORABLE. Audrey really seems to love playing with Andrea and Makaela. The three of them together seriously just crack me up. It's hard, too, because they're all at that age where they're learning what it means to share, but at the same time, they don't quite understand its importance or why we must do it. Needless to say, sometimes one of them will have a little mini melt down, but Laura and I deal with it and the play date goes on!
The girls loved playing in Audrey's walker, even though none of them needed it for walking assistance. They took turns getting pushed around!
For a little while, the three of them ended up in Audrey's bed with TONS of blankets and stuffed animals. While they hung out in there, Andrea taught Audrey how to turn the light switch on and off by demonstrating and saying "Watch, Audrey." And Audrey does it ALL the time now!
Makaela had a pillow, about four blankets, and some stuffed animals all piled on and around her and reached for Audrey saying "NUGGGLE! NUGGLE, AUDREY!!!" She wanted to snuggle with Audrey soooo bad, and it was adorable. When her sister tried to come over to snuggle, she insisted "NO SISSY! AUDREY NUGGLE!"

On Thursday, Audrey and I went to go play at Laura and the twins' house, which was filled with so many big girl toys that Audrey had a hayday! She especially loved the high-heeled dress up shoes, and surprisingly enough, she could actually walk in them!! So much fun!

We also went to Rachel's house this weekend with our friend Staci. Rachel has a two-year-old girl named Taylor and about a two-month-old named Noah. They're both pretty darn cute! And wow, can Taylor talk well! We're talking full sentences! I think the funniest was when her mom was telling her to share and Taylor said "But mom, I CAN'T share. I can't!" But she did, and she was very good at it! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of this fun get together. I'm sure we'll get together with them again soon and take tons of pictures of the adorableness that ensues!


  1. We'll get together again for sure. And we'll make sure to have a camera nearby. ;) Btw, I love your blog- that pictures are AMAZING. Such pretty ladies!
    (this is Rachel on Josh's blog)

  2. Hahaha thanks Jen, I was actually thinking about changing it for the summer though.

    I love your new layout as well! And the "nuggle nuggle Audrey" killed me! So happy you guys are enjoying summer.

  3. Aww, thanks Rachel!! Yes, we'll have to play again soon for sure.

    Jimmy, the snuggling was pretty much the cutest thing in the world. I hope your summer is going well, too. If you're in Central PA you should totally let me know! I can't remember if you're staying in Philly or not.

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