Saturday, August 14, 2010

Accessories, Water Parks, Belly Buttons and More

So here are some recent aspects of our life that you should probably be aware of:

1. I'm in love with this dress. It's Stella McCartney for BabyGap, and it's adorable! Crocheted tops on babies are amazing, especially because you know that if the same top was on a grown woman, it would be totally inappropriate, especially if no bra was involved haha.
Oh, and then when cute dresses are combined with THIS FACE:
the cuteness level blows a gasket! This is her cheesy smile, and lately, it pops up alllll the time. Thank GOD. It's adorable. I hope that's how her school pictures end up for the first few years.

2. Lately Audrey wears anything semi-similar to a necklace around her neck. It either goes directly around her neck or else in this Miss-America-sash style such as this:
Oh and this? It's a strap from one of her chairs. BUT, the way she has it styled makes it such a glamorous necklace!

3. For Audrey's birthday, we got her this amaaaazing inflatable WATERPARK. It's amazing in theory, but absolutely horrible when it comes to actually blowing it up. It took FOREVER. I'm talking HOURS UPON HOURS, and it wasn't even completely inflated. But, it was still pretty sweet. The alligator is a pool with a little spray fountain; the elephant is like a sprinkler; and water comes out of the neck of the giraffe like a tunnel. Yeah, I know you're jealous. Plus, she has a sandbox that our neighbors got her for her birthday, so she's all set!

EXCEPT, the only part she really liked was the pool because I had put some warm water in it. Everything else was getting cold hose water so she'd do her best to dodge those. At one point she walked RIGHT through the stream coming out of the elephant's nose and got soooo upset. Oh, and don't even get her started on the sand in the sandbox. She's too much of a clean freak right now to deal with that pesky sand that sticks to everything. She constantly tried to wipe it off of her.

4. The accessorizing has already begun! Beyond necklaces, Audrey is obsessed with bracelets. It started one morning while I was picking out a bangle and Audrey insisted that she needed one was well. Ok, well actually she needed two or three. Since they're my bracelets, they're entirely too big, but that doesn't bother her at all. She knows to hold her arms up so that they don't fall off.

The day that these particular pictures were taken, she kept the bracelets on for like an hour straight. It totally cracks me up.

5. Sometimes I would just love to know what exactly is going through Audrye's head. CLARIFICATION: not sometimes, ALL the time. For example, what makes her decide to take allllll of the dog's toys out of the basket so that she can sit in it? What makes her walk up to an eight-month-old, look at it like, "hmm, what happens when I do this?" and chuck a toy at the baby's head? What makes her get insanely excited when she sees a Swiffer? Lord only knows.

6. Audrey absolutely loves her belly button lately. Every know and then as she's walking around she'll just pull her shirt up and fondle her belly button as if she's been thinking, "Oh, shoot, is my belly button still attached?" I'm sure she's relieved to find it time and time again.
And as most things these days go, it allllll ends up with a cheesy smile!

7. And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have TEDDY.
Teddy is definitely one of the vital members of our household. Since my brother's girlfriend gave him to Audrey on her first birthday they've been just about inseperable. She clings to him and tackles him on the floor for full snuggling space. In fact, when I put her down in her bed, I literally put her right on top of him and that's how they sleep together. As long as he's involved, she's good to go when it comes to the bedtime routine.
In this particular picture, she had woken up insanely early for some reason so for the first time in forever, I put her in bed with me. NOT COOL. Apparently I was like the kiss of death to sleep with and Audrey seems to be quite the same. She flails her body all over the place and head butts me and kicks me and gives me LITERALLY enough of the mattress so that I'm teetering on my side at the edge of the bed while my bedstand is digging into my skull. Yeah, it's not quite as cute and cuddly as it used to be. But even then, she could be violent!
However, I've got to say when she finally does lay down and snuggle right into my little nutch (I don't think that's a real word), it's honestly the best thing that could ever happen. EVER.


  1. miss america baby!!!!!!
    the last picture kills me!!!

  2. Her ruffled tank is TO DIE FOR!!! LOVE IT!