Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hershey Park-ing it

Soooo, not this past Sunday, the Sunday before that, but the Sunday before THAT (ok, yeah, I know, I'm tottttally behind), Spence, Audrey and I hit up Hershey Park with some friends. It was rather fun. I was kind of nervous because I'm not a huge amusement park person, and I didn't know how it would go with a 16-month-old. BUT, all was well, and we were indeed "Hershey Park Happy." Besides the fact that we were BROKE since it's so expensive. We got our tickets at our local grocery store for $41.95, but they're usually close to $53! HOW INSANE? And the food is so expensive as well as pretty much everything else there. But luckily my godmother Maureen and her family are Hershey Park pros and were able to give us some good, money-saving (and fun-enhancing) advice.

The first ride we attempted to go on was the Ladybugs, but that was rather unsuccessful. I was pretty surprised how much it whipped us around. Not cool, especially for a kids ride. Thank GOD they didn't let the little 4-month-old looking baby who's psycho mom was trying to take her on the ride on. I don't know what people are thinking these days. Anyway, she did not like it. She started crying, ,and every time we passed Spencer, she'd go "DADAAAAA" in the most pathetic tone I've ever heard.

Though Audrey wasn't a huuuge ride fan, it was overall a good day. Plus, she LOVED the wave pool. So did I! I could have sat in that lovely warm, shallow water forever and watched Audrey splash around in a big old life vest. So cute. She loved dipping her hand in the water and wiping it on me. I'm not sure why, but apparently that's a really fun time.

The one ride that we went on that she DID like were the Tiny Timbers. She went on in with myself and Kaci, Maureen's daughter.

Since the Shays have season passes to Hershey Park, they stopped out for just a little to hang out and pick up Audrey, giving Spencer and I some 20-year-old time. That worked out nicely because then Audrey didn't get too worn out staying later and we got to ride some more rollercoasters and whatnot.

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