Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Guess what today is?

Just a normal day for you, BUT, exactly 2 years ago today I found out I was pregnant with Audrey. How nutso! It's crazy to think about how different things were before all of that. I THOUGHT I was getting ready to go to Temple to be a normal kid, but, life had different plans. Isn't that always the way things go?

Look at that. She was a cutie, even then. Oh, and in case you know nothing about child development in utero, THIS was not the ultrasounds taken the first day I found out. This was a few months down the road haha. In the beginning she looked like a little blob with a slight distinction betweeen her head and her body.

Ugh, just thinking about the nausea and tuna fish sandwich cravings makes me...well it makes me want to barf every day all over again! And to think my DUMBASS doctors--yes, I'll say it, those doctors suck pretty bad--INSISTED that I had a stomach virus for almost a month. WHAT MORONS?! Even after I said, "No really, there is a chance I could be pregnant I guess" they were like "Noooo, you're not pregnant. You have gastroenteritis."

But instead, THIS happened. Yes, besides the fact that I made wonderful friends at Temple (such as the two touching my belly above), I also grew in the stomach region. And grew. And grew. And then I had a baby.

It has all made me revisit this bad boy:

HAHAH. Jeeze, would you look at that goof! it's been a while since I saw all that. (AKA when it was printed). Why was my hair that short? At least it's nice and shiny. I remember I felt like I needed something different and Temple's water was rough on my hair (knot CENTRAL), and my mom encouraged me because she thought my bangs made me look even younger than I already was haha. I still don't see the Ellen Page resemblance, but I remember there were one or two comments on how I looked like "Juno" haha. Maybe it was the flannel?

As far as the writing goes, I feel like it has changed so much. Plus, that was written for a class and edited a good amount to make it work in the "alternative weekly" newspaper setting. It's just so weird to read about that day. I'll never forget it.

It does make me think about my mom and how happy she'd be with Audrey here in the house every day. I guarantee I wouldn't have gotten to see my daughter allllll summer because she'd hog her up. I guarantee I'd sleep better because she'd do that thing she used to do where she'd yell down "Jennnn, turn off the tv. Go to bed." or "Jen, what are you eating? Go to bed." I can also guarantee that my mom would spoil the you-know-what out of Audrey, no matter how hard I'd try to stop it.

I wish Audrey would have gotten to spend more time with her. They would have gotten along juuuuust fine :)

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  1. i still have a copy of this article in my room. =]

    miss you. can't believe it's been two years... crazy how time flies!