Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheesin' to the MAX

100th post! NUTS. 100 posts of baby-filled wonderfulness. Or at least that's what I'm going for. Thanks so much for reading and checking in!

But anywayyyyy:
Lately, a good deal of the photos I've taken of Audrey are filled to the brim with THIS face:

That face with mom:

That face acting CRAZY with mom:

That face in her jammies:

That face in her cool jacket:

I'm telling you that face is popping up everywhere! I just hope she sustains it until it's school picture time! I would most certainly pay big bucks for tons of copies of that face.

Sometimes it comes out looking semi-nervous:
Sometimes it involves wearing mom's belt as a necklace:

Heck, sometimes it requires wearing mom's BRA:
(I swear, she found my bra and put it on and then started reaching for my camera. The she insisted that I take her picture with it! What a goofball.)

Sometimes it requires being a little more serious while wearing a hat:

And then sometimes it requires a little extra sass (which can easily be shown by sticking her tongue out):

Regardless, that face is freaking adorable. Let's be honest. I love the incredible range of emotions that Audrey has now. Everything is happening so fast! Every day it's something new. Every day she's saying new words or doing new things. Lately she's been catching on to colors, especially green, purple, orange, blue, and yellow. A good amount of times she'll get them right! It's amazing to see the changes that occur each and every day. Today, she came running back to my room going "HAP-PY! HAP-PY! HAP-PY!" with a big goofy smile filled with goofy crooked teeth. In return, I was most certainly "hap-py!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doing Big Girl Things

Well would you look at what we've got here! Audrey is quickly turning into a little Picasso!
The other weekend, we went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA with our friend Amanda, and let me just say, it was FANTASTIC. It was so cool to see Audrey react positively to all the arts-and-crafts-related items. There were crayons, paints, Model Magic (which is kind of like Playdough but less sticky), chalk, and markers among other wonderful products. Throughout the different rooms of the building, you could test out all the different items Crayola has to offer. I was a little nervous that Audrey would be too young to really have fun and appreciate it. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised at how much she loved it!

AND, as you can tell, that enthusiasm has continued! We stocked up on some products before we left such as these fantastic window crayons. Thank GOD for our sliding glass door! Audrey absolutely loves these things! Sometimes she'll just decide that she wants to go color and off she waddles to the kitchen to open up her window crayons and create a masterpiece. So far she hasn't tried to use them on any other surfaces.
Besides window crayons, we got some triangle shaped crayons that are supposed to be easier for little hands to hold (and they don't roll off the table all the time!), bathtub markers, a very cool puzzle (courtesy of Amanda who is a HUGE puzzle fan in the best way possible) and Color Wonder finger paints and paper. The Color Wonder products are pretty awesome because they ONLY work on the Color Wonder paper. AKA no mess! That's the only thing we haven't tried out yet.
But you know something we have tried out?

BABY PEDICUREEEEEES! My Lord, I always said I would never do something like that to Audrey because she's a baby and that's ridiculous. But I did. And it's adorable. I mean seriously, take a look at those piggies. GAAAH! I was touching up my own pedicure, and Audrey was grunting and putting her toes close to mine. I said "Audrey, I don't think you'll hold still for me to do it," to which she replied "Uh. Uh. Uh." I thought heck, I'll try one and if she doesn't hold still I'll just take it off and forget this ever happened. The thing is, she did hold still. The whole time. We call them her fancy toes, and she LOVES IT.

I swear, she is so freaking funny. It's amazing at what she catches up on these days or attempts to try herself. While I was making dinner tonight this crazy girl got herself up on the chair at the desk in our kitchen and began checking the messages on our home phone. I mean HONESTLY?! Who is this crazy little human being, and what did she do with my baby?!