Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Holiday Behind

Happy Thanksgiving!!! HOWEVER, considering it's been crazy nuts around here lately, this post will be about the previous holiday: HALLOWEEN! I will do my best to get into a better posting schedule soon. Between work, school, and big Audge, my time has been a little bit occupied.

Regardless, we had a fantastic Halloween. Audrey dressed up like a shark, and she rocked it! The thing is, so many toddler girl costumes--and let's be honest, female costumes in general--are just too girly. They're all the same! The racks are filled with fairies, princesses, and other overly-cutesy costumes. This shark just stuck out to me because it was AH-MAZING. It was also made out of fleece, so I knew it would keep her warm and comfy no matter what the crazy weather decided to do. PLUS, it was only $7.95 after my Gap, Inc. discount at Old Navy! You simply cannot beat that!

OK, now that that holiday is taken care of..... Here's what else we've been up to lately!

We did some baking together lately tha was lots of fun. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! YUM. It's one of those things that my mom made a habit of making around this time of the year, so I couldn't resist doing it with Audrey to keep that deliciousness alive. She was HILARIOUS. She was a huge help when it came to dumping ingredients in the bowls and stirring her little toddler brains out. She also very much enjoyed chowing down on pumpkin and all the chocolate chips she could get her hands on.

(Ok, maybe I should note, Audrey was just playing with that oven mitt. I did not make her take the cookies out of the oven or anything. She's not that advanced of a baker just yet!)

Other than baking and dressing up like a ferocious shark, Audrey has been attempting to go to the bathroom on the big girl potty!!! It's so exciting. She's pooped in the potty 3 times now and peed about twice. The best way to get her to keep her little naked butt on the pot is to sing songs. She likes to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and insert all of her family members' names into it. Apparently we all have sheep. Which is totally cool, right? BUT, considering that we've had some successes, I can't complain. I'm not into pressuring her to do it, but I think it's good to show her and let her learn at her pace. We made a big deal about it when she first went. If you ask her what mommy says when she pees or poops on the potty, she'll let you know that I went "YAAAAAY!!!"

Pictures of that to come, for sure!