Monday, July 25, 2011

We're moving! In more ways than one...

First off, I've decided to relocate Jen&Audrey to Tumblr.

I just have not been updating as frequently, and since I have a personal blog over there as well, I feel like it'll be a worthwhile switch! I really like the format. Blogspot, it's been real, but so long for now!

Regardless, FOLLOW US OVER THERE!!!!

In other news, Audrey and I literally are moving. Like in real life. We are about to get our house on the market to sell, and our new lease begins August 15! So many changes. I'm very excited for a new start. Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Toddler's Top 5

Audrey has taken quite a liking to some of my music lately. While she certainly enjoys children's music (especially "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") she also has quite a sophisticated, slightly hipster-ish taste in music.

The first song of mine that she really started requesting was "Little Bit" by Lykke Li. We had to listen to this song over and over and over and over for a while, especially when we would get into the car. As soon as she was clicked into that car seat, I'd hear "Ittle Bit! Ittle Bit! Ittle Bit!" coming as a request from the backseat. Good thing I like Lykke Li.

I have tried to get Audrey to listen to other Lykke Li (who she calls Ikcky Eeee) songs for quite a long time. In fact, I tried to get Audrey to listen to ANY other songs for quite a while. The other day, we were listening to all of her stuff on shuffle and "Possibility" came on once. An hour or so later, I heard her going "der's a possibiwittyyyy" over and over. I could not believe she caught on to it!

Next on her list of obsessions was "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I think this is quite possibly one of the most adorable songs ever written, so I fully support this obsession. I still here this one requested at least once a day, every day. Plus, she attempts to sing along with this one as well. "Awabama Awkensaw I do wuv my ma n' pa." Could you get any cuter?!

Audrey is also a hug fan of Feist, especially "1234." She first heard the song when I played it for her on my iPod figuring that she would become hooked. I was right! Then, she saw Feist on Sesame Street, so sometimes she'll request to watch that video, too. It's so good. She often sings or hums along. I love it. Sometimes I'll try to turn the music down all of the sudden so I can hear her sing better, but she'll say "No, mommy! Louder! Louder, please!"

Her 5th favorite song as of late is "Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!" by Sunset Rubdown. My friend Amanda made me a mix CD that included this gem, and much like "Possibility," Audrey heard it once and began requesting it. She just refers to it as "Anna Anna Oh!" The ending part where they actually sing those words is her favorite part, and needless to say, I can always hear her singing along.

So far, I fully support Audrey's taste in music! Sometimes it gets frustrating because she'll insist on listening to the same songs over and over and over, and when I suggest we listen to something new, she'll reply "No new song! (Insert song title she wants to listen to)!" However, every now and then she'll let me sneak in something she doesn't know. And every now and then she'll fall in love with one of those songs I sneak in. That girl should thank me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ok, I'll be honest, this was just taken at a restaurant we went to to celebrate Audrey's birthday with some of our friends. I wouldn't actually put her on a bear's lap. Certainly not a boozin' bear.

Beyond fun birthday dinners, Audrey and I took a trip to Philadelphia to visit some Temple University friends and have some toddler-birthday related fun! We had such a great time, and part of me really really really misses being in the city now. Audrey loved it as well, and if you question where she went she enthusiastically replies "Phiwadelphia!" We stayed with some friends of ours in what must be the cutest home in North Philly. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got to hang out and catch up and occasionally sit in a giant doughnut. You know, usual Saturday hangout activities.

Then on Sunday, we hit up the Please Touch Museum, which is something I would HIGHLY recommend to parents of any young kid. Audrey LOVED IT. Imagine two floors of a ginormous building filled with fun-themed activities for little children. Yeah, it was just as cool for my friends and I as it was for Audge.

She got to.... with some real cool boats! ...have air and balls blown at her face while my friends and I watched and laughed!
...crawl through cool tunnels!

...hang out in this weird psychadelic, visually confusing hallway inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

....sass some silly playing cards!

....strike a pose on a lily pad!

...cheese it up with hands perfectly perched on a swan's head!

....rock out as a mini Mozart!

...hang out with her super-cool mom near an elephant made out of recycled goods!


...take pictures in this pool of blue plastic strips resembling part of a car wash but, in this circumstance also resembling water!

...check out her shoes on a pond full of lily pads!

...and have a great time being generally adorable. I mean, not to brag, but I'm sorry, look at that freaking face. It just kills me every time!

It was hilarious watching Audrey try to make friends at the museum. She is obviously still learning how to interact with others, and besides a few playdates here and there, she doesn't really get to spend too much time with other kids her age. Every now and then as she was playing she'd go right up to another occupied child and wave in his or her face while saying "HI! HI!" with a semi-creepy smile. Most of the kids just looked at her like she was crazy. It was pretty funny, but I certainly respect her courage for trying!

After the museum, we headed to Center City to chow down on some Five Guys and search for some high-waisted Levi's I had seen on Urban Outfitters website. LUCKILY, they had them, and they fit PERFECTLY. I'm in jean love. Audrey enjoyed roaming around Urban Outfitters with Lindsay, Keiran, and Beth while I was in the fitting room. She found a box of those silly little nylon faux-tights that are meant for women to wear while trying on shoes, and decided that they would be great for wearing on her hands. I don't know what it is with her lately, but she loves putting socks--and I guess now nylons, too--on her hands. What a goof.

Overall, I'll make the assumption that Audrey had a lovely birthday celebration. Shout out to all my buddies in Philadelphia for letting us stay and whatnot. And thanks for the fun Saturday Night Ladies Night which included chick flicks, Law and Order SVU, 40s/cheap wine, and lots of necessary catching up. Good times for all!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Lady!

It's official! Audrey is two years old! I cannot believe that two entire years have flown by already. It really seems impossible. I know I say it all the time, but she's practically a grown up.
Audrey informed me that she didn't want any presents for her birthday, just balloons. She named all kinds of Sesame Street characters that she wanted balloons of, so I went out hunting, and luckily the grocery store had quite a supply. She insisted on posing with her stash, so luckily we'll have evidence of her coolness for years to come.

Beyond balloons, I gave Audrey some fancy shoes for her birthday as well. Whenever we played at her friends' house, she loved trying on their dress-up shoes, so I figured it was time for her to get her own pair. Much to my dismay, the "princess shoes" have gone lots of places with us, including Panera just the other day. But some battles are not worth fighting; let's see, do I freak out and cause a melt down or do I just let her stumble around Panera in pink fluffy shoes that don't fit quite right? I'll take option number two for sure.
Other than that, Audrey got some new twistable crayons and dry-erase crayons to use on her easel. I had found her all kinds of cute clothes for spring as well as for wayyyy down the road, so she unwrapped all of them as well. We also picked out a book shelf because right now, her books just lay in piles all around the house in a disorganized mess.
Needless to say, Audrey quite enjoyed all of this. I had school all day on her actual birthday, but she got to go to dad's house and celebrate as well, which is great. As we drove home after my classes on Wednesday evening and talked about her day, she told me she had fun. The fact that her and I can have conversations now just kills me. Granted, lots of things are still "no big deal," but it's amazing to see her growth, independence, and the beginnings of a great imagination. The other day she was opening up an empty box and telling me about all of the animals that were inside of it. Dead serious. What a total goofball.

Since we didn't get to celebrate much on her actual birthday, I planned a little Philadelphia getaway this weekend to visit some Temple friends and do fun toddler-related activities. We're hoping to go to the Please Touch Museum, which is an interactive museum that looks like a lot of fun. I'm super pumped, and Audrey seems to be as well. In fact, she tried to avoid bed-time tonight by insisting, "No bed! Philadelphia!" Good try, but I ain't no sucka.

Let's pray to GOD that tonight is better than last night considering I was up half the night with a crying baby who was just doing anything to NOT sleep. If this is what two-year-old sleep habits are like, count me out. So far, so good tonight, but I don't want to jinx it.

In an effor to procrastinate, I've been revisiting all of Audrey's old videos and pictures, and I came across this gem. I would much rather her sleeping be more like this:

Even better if it includes the adorable snoring.

(P.S. I'm sorry the videos are sideways. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn them!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art, Driving, and Other Big Girl Activities

Audrey love love loves anything artistic lately. Between her very cool easel given to her by my best friends Angie and Gia at Christmas, her window crayons, and all of her cool coloring books (such as Taro Gomi's Scribbles, only the coolest coloring book EVER), Audrey has had many outlets for creativity. Her godfather, Pete, gave her the Indie Rock Coloring Book, which is also another winner. And apparently she's been making some Playdoh snowmen with Neen (my godmother, Maureen) as well!
It's so neat to observe her desire to be artistic. I swear that little girl could color FOREVER. Lately she's been asking for some pretty bizarre things to be drawn. She always wants very specific dogs drawn, which I cannot do. She'll name dogs that we know and expect me to doodle it on her easel. I'm virtually ALWAYS unsuccessful.

Apparently Audrey has had a big thing with beards lately; the other day she had me draw fish with beards, and yesterday Angie and I were responsible for doodling pictures of Audrey and Mommy with beards! I mean, ladies with facial hair are cool, right?
Audrey drew up this face recently and was quite proud of it. I absolutely love her little artwork. Whether she's drawing a happy face or a sad face, it always has a smile. Maybe it's all part of her "no big deal" mentality. Or maybe she just can't draw frowns yet. I'll stick with the first option.

This blows my mind. I know it's just a few half circles, but Audrey went up to the window, doodled this bad boy, and exclaimed "snowman!!" I don't know what made her want to draw a snowman, or how she put it all together to actually form the shape of a snowman, but she did it.

I swear on my life that Audrey drew this red face all by herself. It's insane!!!! How the heck did that little baby of mine become a big grown-up artist?!

Every day I just cannot believe what it is that she's saying, doing, and catching on to. She has a personality, a voice and little ideas brewing in that adorable head of hers. To think that two years ago things were so amazingly different is just insane. Two years ago today I was still pregnant! And now I have a grown-up on my hands. My, how things change.
In other news, my brother gave Audrey this sick Little Tikes' Cozy Coupe for Christmas, and a friend of mine recently put it together because he thought it was a shame for such a fun, exciting toy to stay in the box any longer. The little lady has LITERALLY been obsessed with it. We've been having to set limits on the amount of time she spends driving. "Couple minutes!!" she'll bargain with me. I have literally had to pry her out of it on multiple occasions. Gia went back to school in Pittsburgh recently, and Audrey misses her, so she's been getting in her car and telling me that she's heading to Pittsburgh. So look out, Steel City. Audrey's on her way!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No big deal, Beiber

Maureen's kids, Brendan and Kaci, like to make fun of Justin Beiber a lot, and apparently Audrey has picked up on that as well. She does not have Beiber fever in the least. In fact, when she saw his Rolling Stone cover, she literally started whining and saying "NO, Beiber. No!" Jeesh, she's a tough crowd.

Audrey's most favorite phrase lately is most certainly "no big deal." I hear it allllllll the time. When she falls down while running in the hall, it's no big deal. When she intentionally drops food on the floor while eating her breakfast, it's no big deal. When she takes a big smelly poop in her diaper, it's no big deal. When mom accidentally smacks her in the face when trying to put a barrett in her hair, it's no big deal.

I'd say it's a pretty healthy outlook to have in life. You just can't sweat the small stuff, right? I'll have to take lessons from that girl.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miss Fancy Pants

Audrey is a pretty fancy lady lately. Between painted nails, jewelery, hats, and picking out (segments) of her outfits, she's been keeping busy when it comes to being fashion forward.

Take this for example: Sometimes you've just got to wear your mom's underwear over your t-shirt and tutu. Haven't you been reading Vogue? It's all the rage in Europe.

Hats are hot, too. She LOVES this one for some reason. I mean, so do I. I found it at Salvation Army for $5, and there's totally some guy's name and phone number in it. I haven't called.

Audrey will do this funny thing where she'll smash it in and then go "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" and run to me deeply concerned. I just push it back out from the inside and she'll say "All better!" But a second later, she's bashed it in again and is really worried about it.

Earrings are just the national symbol for classiness. I think this pretty lady is a clear example of that.

Audrey and I have something in common when it comes to ears: NEITHER of us have our ears pierced. Ok, ok, I know, that's crazy. I hear it all the time. The thing is, I used to be TERRIFIED of needles, so I never wanted to get them done. Furthermore, I played sports all year-round, so it was hard to find a good time to do it. Need another reason? There's plenty of other jewelery I like, so earrings just never really catch my eye. Who knows, maybe Audrey and I can go get it done together when she's older.

Regardless, these clip-on earrings I found are so granny-chic, and I think Audge rocks them. I've never actually worn them, but she's so inspirational when it comes to fashion that I may have to give it a try.

And then sometimes Audrey and I have to rock all of our fancy-pants accessories together. Like I said, she's pretty much the style muse of a generation.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Very Toddler Christmas

WOW, I can't believe that Christmas and New Year's are already over. JEEZE. And to top it all off, school starts back up again on Monday! I AM looking forward to some of my classes this semester, but still. Thanks for flying by, time.

Needless to say we had a lovely little holiday. On Christmas we just hung out at the house and had two--COUNT 'EM--Christmas dinners. First, we had steak and lobster with Chris in the late afternoon, and it was delicious. Later, we had a yummy chicken dinner with Gia, Amanda, Elena, and Eric, which was a fantastic way to end the day.

It was so cool to see Audrey really get more excited this Christmas. When she first came out to see our tree and stockings, she had her mouth gaping open as she walked around checking everything out.

WOAH, check out that stocking!

Lounging on a quilt made by our family friend Beth.

That's our tree! Which is still up, by the way. Hey, why not?

As the present-opening progressed, the clothes came off. Plus, she had some "diayeyeyeayah" on Christmas day as she was getting over her stomach bug.
I found her this COMPLETELY AWESOME old school Fisher Price record player from Urban Outfitters, and I'm so glad I did. Audrey is a big music fan, so this has been perfect.

If all else fails, I'll put her to work in a pizza parlor. This Pizza Party kit is wonderful practice for that. She LOVES IT.
Audrey liked to thank Santa after she opened a lot of her gifts, which is something I fully support. IT WAS ADORABLE! She'd open something, check it out and yell "THANK YOU SANTA!" except it sounded more like "DA DU SAAANTAAA!"

Audge loves lounging around with Uncle Chris!

Audrey got pretty easily distracted while opening presents, so Mommy helped out a little here and there.

Woah, some of these presents were pretty heavy, so it's a good thing Audrey has huge muscles.

Now, that's bedhead in the truest form. It doesn't matter though cause Santa left some pretty cool stuff in that stocking.

Checkin' out the goods!

The day after Christmas we headed out to Cleveland to visit Mimi, Pop Pop, and Aunt Emmie, and we had a great time!
Lots of snuggling occured, especially between Audrey and Emilee!

Parties on Aunt Emilee's bunk bed were lots of fun...until Toxic Audrey got everyone in Cleveland (starting with Emilee) sick sick sick.

Audrey STILL can't stop bragging about how Emmie painted her "fingah naaaails" and "toe naaaails." Little todder painted nails have to top the list of "Most Adorable Things in the Freaking World."

Audrey really enjoyed having Taylor Swift dance parties with her Aunt. I mean, who wouldn't?!

This pretty much sums up how I feel after the holidays. But as long as I have my little snuggle buddy, I'm good to go. PLUS, Audrey has apparently noticed that when we're in snuggly moods, I call her 'honey.' I never really noticed that I do it until she pointed it out! Now she'll come up to me and say "Audgeeyyy hooooney!" and get all cozy with me.
And things like that are the most perfect Christmas presents ever. I'll take that anyday!