Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art, Driving, and Other Big Girl Activities

Audrey love love loves anything artistic lately. Between her very cool easel given to her by my best friends Angie and Gia at Christmas, her window crayons, and all of her cool coloring books (such as Taro Gomi's Scribbles, only the coolest coloring book EVER), Audrey has had many outlets for creativity. Her godfather, Pete, gave her the Indie Rock Coloring Book, which is also another winner. And apparently she's been making some Playdoh snowmen with Neen (my godmother, Maureen) as well!
It's so neat to observe her desire to be artistic. I swear that little girl could color FOREVER. Lately she's been asking for some pretty bizarre things to be drawn. She always wants very specific dogs drawn, which I cannot do. She'll name dogs that we know and expect me to doodle it on her easel. I'm virtually ALWAYS unsuccessful.

Apparently Audrey has had a big thing with beards lately; the other day she had me draw fish with beards, and yesterday Angie and I were responsible for doodling pictures of Audrey and Mommy with beards! I mean, ladies with facial hair are cool, right?
Audrey drew up this face recently and was quite proud of it. I absolutely love her little artwork. Whether she's drawing a happy face or a sad face, it always has a smile. Maybe it's all part of her "no big deal" mentality. Or maybe she just can't draw frowns yet. I'll stick with the first option.

This blows my mind. I know it's just a few half circles, but Audrey went up to the window, doodled this bad boy, and exclaimed "snowman!!" I don't know what made her want to draw a snowman, or how she put it all together to actually form the shape of a snowman, but she did it.

I swear on my life that Audrey drew this red face all by herself. It's insane!!!! How the heck did that little baby of mine become a big grown-up artist?!

Every day I just cannot believe what it is that she's saying, doing, and catching on to. She has a personality, a voice and little ideas brewing in that adorable head of hers. To think that two years ago things were so amazingly different is just insane. Two years ago today I was still pregnant! And now I have a grown-up on my hands. My, how things change.
In other news, my brother gave Audrey this sick Little Tikes' Cozy Coupe for Christmas, and a friend of mine recently put it together because he thought it was a shame for such a fun, exciting toy to stay in the box any longer. The little lady has LITERALLY been obsessed with it. We've been having to set limits on the amount of time she spends driving. "Couple minutes!!" she'll bargain with me. I have literally had to pry her out of it on multiple occasions. Gia went back to school in Pittsburgh recently, and Audrey misses her, so she's been getting in her car and telling me that she's heading to Pittsburgh. So look out, Steel City. Audrey's on her way!

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