Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No big deal, Beiber

Maureen's kids, Brendan and Kaci, like to make fun of Justin Beiber a lot, and apparently Audrey has picked up on that as well. She does not have Beiber fever in the least. In fact, when she saw his Rolling Stone cover, she literally started whining and saying "NO, Beiber. No!" Jeesh, she's a tough crowd.

Audrey's most favorite phrase lately is most certainly "no big deal." I hear it allllllll the time. When she falls down while running in the hall, it's no big deal. When she intentionally drops food on the floor while eating her breakfast, it's no big deal. When she takes a big smelly poop in her diaper, it's no big deal. When mom accidentally smacks her in the face when trying to put a barrett in her hair, it's no big deal.

I'd say it's a pretty healthy outlook to have in life. You just can't sweat the small stuff, right? I'll have to take lessons from that girl.

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