Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ok, I'll be honest, this was just taken at a restaurant we went to to celebrate Audrey's birthday with some of our friends. I wouldn't actually put her on a bear's lap. Certainly not a boozin' bear.

Beyond fun birthday dinners, Audrey and I took a trip to Philadelphia to visit some Temple University friends and have some toddler-birthday related fun! We had such a great time, and part of me really really really misses being in the city now. Audrey loved it as well, and if you question where she went she enthusiastically replies "Phiwadelphia!" We stayed with some friends of ours in what must be the cutest home in North Philly. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got to hang out and catch up and occasionally sit in a giant doughnut. You know, usual Saturday hangout activities.

Then on Sunday, we hit up the Please Touch Museum, which is something I would HIGHLY recommend to parents of any young kid. Audrey LOVED IT. Imagine two floors of a ginormous building filled with fun-themed activities for little children. Yeah, it was just as cool for my friends and I as it was for Audge.

She got to.... with some real cool boats! ...have air and balls blown at her face while my friends and I watched and laughed!
...crawl through cool tunnels!

...hang out in this weird psychadelic, visually confusing hallway inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

....sass some silly playing cards!

....strike a pose on a lily pad!

...cheese it up with hands perfectly perched on a swan's head!

....rock out as a mini Mozart!

...hang out with her super-cool mom near an elephant made out of recycled goods!


...take pictures in this pool of blue plastic strips resembling part of a car wash but, in this circumstance also resembling water!

...check out her shoes on a pond full of lily pads!

...and have a great time being generally adorable. I mean, not to brag, but I'm sorry, look at that freaking face. It just kills me every time!

It was hilarious watching Audrey try to make friends at the museum. She is obviously still learning how to interact with others, and besides a few playdates here and there, she doesn't really get to spend too much time with other kids her age. Every now and then as she was playing she'd go right up to another occupied child and wave in his or her face while saying "HI! HI!" with a semi-creepy smile. Most of the kids just looked at her like she was crazy. It was pretty funny, but I certainly respect her courage for trying!

After the museum, we headed to Center City to chow down on some Five Guys and search for some high-waisted Levi's I had seen on Urban Outfitters website. LUCKILY, they had them, and they fit PERFECTLY. I'm in jean love. Audrey enjoyed roaming around Urban Outfitters with Lindsay, Keiran, and Beth while I was in the fitting room. She found a box of those silly little nylon faux-tights that are meant for women to wear while trying on shoes, and decided that they would be great for wearing on her hands. I don't know what it is with her lately, but she loves putting socks--and I guess now nylons, too--on her hands. What a goof.

Overall, I'll make the assumption that Audrey had a lovely birthday celebration. Shout out to all my buddies in Philadelphia for letting us stay and whatnot. And thanks for the fun Saturday Night Ladies Night which included chick flicks, Law and Order SVU, 40s/cheap wine, and lots of necessary catching up. Good times for all!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Lady!

It's official! Audrey is two years old! I cannot believe that two entire years have flown by already. It really seems impossible. I know I say it all the time, but she's practically a grown up.
Audrey informed me that she didn't want any presents for her birthday, just balloons. She named all kinds of Sesame Street characters that she wanted balloons of, so I went out hunting, and luckily the grocery store had quite a supply. She insisted on posing with her stash, so luckily we'll have evidence of her coolness for years to come.

Beyond balloons, I gave Audrey some fancy shoes for her birthday as well. Whenever we played at her friends' house, she loved trying on their dress-up shoes, so I figured it was time for her to get her own pair. Much to my dismay, the "princess shoes" have gone lots of places with us, including Panera just the other day. But some battles are not worth fighting; let's see, do I freak out and cause a melt down or do I just let her stumble around Panera in pink fluffy shoes that don't fit quite right? I'll take option number two for sure.
Other than that, Audrey got some new twistable crayons and dry-erase crayons to use on her easel. I had found her all kinds of cute clothes for spring as well as for wayyyy down the road, so she unwrapped all of them as well. We also picked out a book shelf because right now, her books just lay in piles all around the house in a disorganized mess.
Needless to say, Audrey quite enjoyed all of this. I had school all day on her actual birthday, but she got to go to dad's house and celebrate as well, which is great. As we drove home after my classes on Wednesday evening and talked about her day, she told me she had fun. The fact that her and I can have conversations now just kills me. Granted, lots of things are still "no big deal," but it's amazing to see her growth, independence, and the beginnings of a great imagination. The other day she was opening up an empty box and telling me about all of the animals that were inside of it. Dead serious. What a total goofball.

Since we didn't get to celebrate much on her actual birthday, I planned a little Philadelphia getaway this weekend to visit some Temple friends and do fun toddler-related activities. We're hoping to go to the Please Touch Museum, which is an interactive museum that looks like a lot of fun. I'm super pumped, and Audrey seems to be as well. In fact, she tried to avoid bed-time tonight by insisting, "No bed! Philadelphia!" Good try, but I ain't no sucka.

Let's pray to GOD that tonight is better than last night considering I was up half the night with a crying baby who was just doing anything to NOT sleep. If this is what two-year-old sleep habits are like, count me out. So far, so good tonight, but I don't want to jinx it.

In an effor to procrastinate, I've been revisiting all of Audrey's old videos and pictures, and I came across this gem. I would much rather her sleeping be more like this:

Even better if it includes the adorable snoring.

(P.S. I'm sorry the videos are sideways. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn them!)