Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ok, I'll be honest, this was just taken at a restaurant we went to to celebrate Audrey's birthday with some of our friends. I wouldn't actually put her on a bear's lap. Certainly not a boozin' bear.

Beyond fun birthday dinners, Audrey and I took a trip to Philadelphia to visit some Temple University friends and have some toddler-birthday related fun! We had such a great time, and part of me really really really misses being in the city now. Audrey loved it as well, and if you question where she went she enthusiastically replies "Phiwadelphia!" We stayed with some friends of ours in what must be the cutest home in North Philly. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got to hang out and catch up and occasionally sit in a giant doughnut. You know, usual Saturday hangout activities.

Then on Sunday, we hit up the Please Touch Museum, which is something I would HIGHLY recommend to parents of any young kid. Audrey LOVED IT. Imagine two floors of a ginormous building filled with fun-themed activities for little children. Yeah, it was just as cool for my friends and I as it was for Audge.

She got to.... with some real cool boats! ...have air and balls blown at her face while my friends and I watched and laughed!
...crawl through cool tunnels!

...hang out in this weird psychadelic, visually confusing hallway inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

....sass some silly playing cards!

....strike a pose on a lily pad!

...cheese it up with hands perfectly perched on a swan's head!

....rock out as a mini Mozart!

...hang out with her super-cool mom near an elephant made out of recycled goods!


...take pictures in this pool of blue plastic strips resembling part of a car wash but, in this circumstance also resembling water!

...check out her shoes on a pond full of lily pads!

...and have a great time being generally adorable. I mean, not to brag, but I'm sorry, look at that freaking face. It just kills me every time!

It was hilarious watching Audrey try to make friends at the museum. She is obviously still learning how to interact with others, and besides a few playdates here and there, she doesn't really get to spend too much time with other kids her age. Every now and then as she was playing she'd go right up to another occupied child and wave in his or her face while saying "HI! HI!" with a semi-creepy smile. Most of the kids just looked at her like she was crazy. It was pretty funny, but I certainly respect her courage for trying!

After the museum, we headed to Center City to chow down on some Five Guys and search for some high-waisted Levi's I had seen on Urban Outfitters website. LUCKILY, they had them, and they fit PERFECTLY. I'm in jean love. Audrey enjoyed roaming around Urban Outfitters with Lindsay, Keiran, and Beth while I was in the fitting room. She found a box of those silly little nylon faux-tights that are meant for women to wear while trying on shoes, and decided that they would be great for wearing on her hands. I don't know what it is with her lately, but she loves putting socks--and I guess now nylons, too--on her hands. What a goof.

Overall, I'll make the assumption that Audrey had a lovely birthday celebration. Shout out to all my buddies in Philadelphia for letting us stay and whatnot. And thanks for the fun Saturday Night Ladies Night which included chick flicks, Law and Order SVU, 40s/cheap wine, and lots of necessary catching up. Good times for all!



    This is what I mean by my comment on the pics where your child´s vagina is exposed and for everyone to see. Take care. Your job as a parent is to cherish and protect but not to exploit and betray. Why do we call it "private parts"? I hope someone reports you to the police.

  2. I see you scrolled back pretty far to see a picture of my daughter's vagina. I certainly value my daughter's privacy, and now that she is older, I would not post pictures of her naked. Considering she was barely a year old, and that sort of nudity was a daily part of our life, I see nothing wrong with those pictures. I take a great deal of offense to your comment. I feel that the naked body (in the sense of the picture I posted) is a natural,beautiful thing, and nothing to be ashamed of.

    I use this blog as a way to keep friends and family updated on my daughter's growth. I have NO CLUE who you are, and while I have no problem with you viewing my blog (obviously), if you have a problem with my content, you may go elsewhere instead of suggesting that I be put in jail.

  3. Doglover- You are the epitome of what is wrong with this world, more specifically this country. Do you really have nothing better to do than harass strangers? Where do you, whoever the hell you are, get off judging her and her parenting, and telling her 'what her job is'? 'To exploit and betray', are you fucking kidding me? And with sites like available to satisfy your attention-craving/cyber-harassing needs, JEN is the one you decide to persecute?

    I am actually pretty concerned with the fact that you even noticed a 'vagina'(which was NOT visible, learn your anatomy) in a photo of a one year old. You took a perfectly innocent, happy set of photos and tried to turn it into something filthy. You should be absolutely ashamed and disgusted with yourself, not a single person(other than you and whoever else supports that exaggerated sham of a website you linked) would have thought TWICE about those photos, but there's always that one person that has to 'go there' and defile things. Congratulations, that's you.

    I think it'd be quite amusing reporting this situation to the police. I wonder who they would side with, the cyber-creep going significantly out of their way to point out an infant's 'private parts' in a total stranger's baby photos, or an adoring mother excited to show her friends and family cute photos of her baby? Go for it, at least then there's be one less crazy with access to the internet.

    And the name "Doglover" is far more suggestive than a loving mother posting innocent, playful photos of her 1 year old. So mind your own goddamn canine-loving business.